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HoduCC Call Center Software

What is HoduCC Call Center Software?

HoduCC – Call Center Software is an automated system that helps to manage the communication between agents and customers. Call centers require to handle a large volume of calls; hence streamlined communication is necessitated to deliver improved customer services. Call center software offers varied features and functionality with the secured business operations for flawless conversation with the customers. Mostly, your agents are solving the customers’ queries or guiding them to perform intended actions.

HoduCC – HoduSoft’s inbound and outbound call center software are designed to provide seamless end-to-end business communication. We aim at providing industry-best call center software with state-of-the-art features to promote business communication.

HoduSoft’s inbound call center software is highly efficient in solving customer issues faster, measuring and improving support operations, and delivering exceptional customer services. We provide enterprise-grade call center solutions that help in enhancing the customer satisfaction and productivity of your agents. We offer the best call center software solutions at an affordable price. The solution is designed and developed to enhance operational efficiency and visibility.

HoduSoft’s outbound call center software is the most reliable solution to improve the overall business operation of your call center and expand business growth. Whether you are looking to get more control over operational tasks or improve visibility, HoduSoft’s online call center works best for you!

Highlights – Call Center Software

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Predictive Dialer

Let the dialer place calls for agents. Hodusoft’s outbound call center software efficiently places calls to the customers so that agents can focus on assisting customers in a better way.

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Preview Dialer

Review customers’ details with our call center’s preview dialer before communicating with the clients. Preview dialer displays the details about customers that assists in delivering improved services.

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Progressive Dialer

Make calls that increase customer outreach. Our call center’s progressive dialer only connects calls with the customer once the agent answers the call.

Group 21704
WebRTC Phone

HoduCC – call center software allows to securely converse with customers through in-built web-phone based on WebRTC technology.

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Auto Dialer

Take advantage of auto dialer for enhanced operational efficiency. HoduCC – call center software offers an auto dialer that helps in promoting agent’s productivity.

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Call Recording

Maintain high-quality standards of customer services through the call center software’s call recording facility.

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Multilevel IVR

A time-saver alternative to connect customers to the right agent. The call center software offers flexible, customized voice menus.

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Real-time Analytics & Reports

Monitor and analyze agent performance to boost productivity. HoduSoft’s call center software offers various custom reports.

WFH Features

Remote Agent

Allow your agent to work seamlessly from anywhere and run the business operations smoothly.

Inbuilt WebRTC Phone

Take advantage of advanced audio and video calls to assist customers in a better way.

Browser Based

No installations are required. The system is easy to use and simple to operate.

Call Forwarding to Mobile

Reduce the chances of unattended calls through call forwarding to mobile and improve customer satisfaction.

Call Bridging

Improve the communication through efficiently connecting agents to customers and vice versa.

Call Recording

Record calls for monitoring, supervising purpose, and boost customer support services.

Highly Secure

Converse with customers and deliver best assistance to them through the highly secured system.

    More Features

    • Dashboard
    • Outbound Job Scheduler
    • Sticky Agent
    • Campaign Management
    • Call Conference
    • Theme Colour Selection
    • Week Off Mode
    • Configurable Scripts
    • Ticketing System
    • DID Management
    • Music on Hold (MOH)
    • Multi User Login
    • DNC Control
    • Answering Machine Detection
    • Multi-lingual Support
    • Advanced Dialers
    • Voicemail
    • Call Transfer
    • Abandoned Call Dialing
    • Time based Inbound Call Routing
    • Holiday Mode
    • Easy to Configure Call Routing
    • Barge-in / Coaching / Whisper
    • Recording Playback & Download
    • Abandoned Call Dialing
    • Call Disposition Details
    • Trunk Management
    • Real Time Queue & Agent Status

    Add-on Features

    IVR & Agent Survey

    IVR Survey presents a set of survey questions to get feedback from potential customers. Once the conversation between an agent and a customer is over, the agent can transfer the call for the IVR survey or even run a campaign for the survey.

    Quality Analysis

    The QA (Quality Analysis) is an add-on module for the call center software that ranks the agents based on predefined criteria; voice tone, language proficiency, quality of query resolution and many other parameters.

    SMS Broadcasting

    SMS broadcasting functionality allows admin to create and set up an SMS campaign and broadcast the information for the customers.

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    How HoduCC Call Center Software Helps Businesses?

    Call center software provides the key metrics information that helps call center heads and supervisors to make strategic decisions. The capability to analyze call volume, case categories, case times, survey, ticketing, disposition are just a few to the name of the reports available. The reports and analytics will assist the administrators in empowering business growth.
    HoduCC – call center software system enables your customer service agents to swiftly create incoming cases, track them with ease, and escalate them when needed. With modern routing tools, it improves productivity and efficiency with increased customer satisfaction. The real-time updates give agents the ability to acknowledge and exchange information quickly and efficiently.
    Customer satisfaction is crucial for all businesses. When customers connect to call centers, they have high expectations of getting an appropriate answer for their concerns. HoduSoft’s call center software offers an ease with the automation functionality to serve better services to the customers. With distinct features like predictive dialer or skill-based routing, you can easily improve customer satisfaction.
    Data security is one of the major concerns in the call centers. As call centers need to handle confidential information about the customers, security for the data is crucial. The call center software is backed with standard security measures including DNC, blacklist, locked users, access restriction; hence you can focus on serving exceptional customer services with the augmented data security.
    HoduCC – call center software is easy to deploy and operate. With hassle-free integration and deployment, you will be quickly able to run business operations through the software. Besides, its intuitive UI/UX helps agents to perform their tasks easily and quickly. Get call centre software solutions that are easy to set up and use.
    With enhanced analytics and reports, it becomes easier to make vital business decisions. The real-time analytics also allows you to monitor agents’ performance and find out the areas of improvements. Further, as you can generate reports about customers’ journey, you can also form strategies to boost customer satisfaction. The call center software is a one-stop solution to make prolific decisions with analytics and reports in real-time.
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