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With the IVR & Agent survey add-on feature of HoduCC, you can collect feedback and conduct survey campaigns in just a few clicks. IVR surveys collect customer data through an automated preset list, allowing businesses to gather real data without using human resources. Management of manual agent surveys becomes straightforward too.

Gather customer feedback through a short, easy-to-use survey that can be accessed through the IVR system or directly via an agent. Identify and address any issues that may be affecting customer satisfaction as soon as possible.

You can choose the type of question, the language, and the length of the survey by using fully customizable survey templates. Real-time data collection and analysis allow you to gain valuable insight into customer experiences. This will help you to improve customer satisfaction, increase retention, and boost revenue for your business.

Benefits of IVR & Agent Survey



  • Data can be collected automatically through DTMF inputs
  • Managers can review the IVR survey summary with a click
  • Easy to manage survey campaigns
  • Customizable campaign configuration
  • Run automated call campaigns without human intervention
  • Detailed IVR survey reports


  • Create your own survey template
  • Quick mapping of survey template to call campaign
  • Agents can gather data by filling up the survey templates as per response from customers
  • Detailed survey reports

Don’t let customer dissatisfaction affect your bottom line. Try HoduCC’s IVR & Agent Survey feature today and see the difference!!

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