WebRTC Phone Software

Leverage WebRTC Technology and Open Up Huge Possibilities for Communicating with Customers

Switch to WebRTC phone system and save huge on costs associated with traditional telephony systems (SoftPhone, IP-Phone, PSTN Phone, etc.). Now make voice and video calls directly from your web browsers, eliminating the need for additional hardware and/or software.
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What is WebRTC?

WebRTC stands for Web Real-Time Communication. With WebRTC technology, a web browser is all that is needed to communicate directly and in real-time between clients and companies with audio and video capabilities.
Offering better flexibility and mobility, WebRTC allows agents to answer calls from anywhere using a computer or smartphone connected to the internet. Additionally, WebRTC connections are peer-to-peer, allowing users to send data effortlessly. All this is done using WebRTC APIs, which are available for almost all platforms.
HoduCC’s WebRTC also supports Google Chrome browser. In all, WebRTC empowers contact centers to serve their customers with more and more contact channels like web calls, video chat, co-browsing, and live web chat without the need for any downloads.
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Key Features of
WebRTC Phone Software

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Experience seamless connectivity with automatic answering.

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Call on Mute

Maintain complete privacy and control over your calls by listening silently or reducing distractions.

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Call on Hold

Temporarily pause ongoing calls while playing on-hold music or pre-recorded messages.

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Attended/Blind Transfer

Effortlessly manage calls by routing them to another appropriate agent or department.

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Interact with automated systems during calls by navigating menus with touch-tone signals from a keypad.

Benefits of WebRTC Phone Software for Your Contact Center


Reduced Costs

Using WebRTC technology, contact centers can eliminate the need for expensive hardware and other software solutions. The reduction in installation and infrastructure costs can lead to significant savings for your organization.


Better Mobility

WebRTC phone software ensures improved mobility without locking your agents to a device. WebRTC technology allows customers to reach contact center agents via any device like a desktop, laptop, smartphone, etc. The only thing required is a good ans stable internet connection.


Clear and Effective Communication

The crystal clear voice and hassle-free communication help you assist clients effectively. WebRTC empowers support agents to receive and answer calls inside their browsers without necessitating complex computer-telephony integration and plug-ins.


Improved Customer Experience

WebRTC phone software offers seamless, high-quality audio and video calls, enabling customers to easily connect with contact center agents without experiencing poor call quality or other interruptions. This ultimately leads to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Flexibility and Scalability

With WebRTC phone software, your contact center can effortlessly adapt to changing call volumes and business needs. Moreover, it can seamlessly integrate with your existing business tools including CRM systems, giving your agents valuable insights into customer data and other relevant information.


Seamless Integration

WebRTC phone software seamlessly integrates with other communication channels such as chat. By integrating these channels, your contact center can create an omnichannel platform and deliver a consistent, cohesive customer experience across multiple channels. 

Why Choose Us?

Let us help you upgrade every conversation with advanced speech analytics technology. With tools like sentiment analysis and summarization, we can help you gain deep insights into customer interactions to ensure that your contact center delivers exceptional customer experience.
The WebRTC phone enables click-to-call communications with CRM integration (Zendesk, Freshdesk, Zoho, and Salesforce, providing users with a new, easily embeddable channel for communication. With this feature, customers no longer need to search the website to find the right phone number. Instead, they can initiate calls directly from a company’s CRM Lead page with just a click of a button.

By choosing HoduSoft’s WebRTC phone software for your contact center, you can boost your business communication to the next level.

Upgrade Your Contact Center Today with The Power of WebRTC Phone Software

Choose our contact center WebRTC phone solutions to enjoy seamless communication and enhance customer interactions. Increase customer engagement, optimize call handling, and enable real-time collaboration to achieve unparalleled success in today’s competitive market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about our product and Software. Can’t find the answers you’re looking for?
WebRTC benefits contact centers in several ways. It simplifies communication by providing a browser-based solution, reduces costs, enhances accessibility, and most importantly improves customer interactions with seamless calls.
Yes, WebRTC phone software is designed with encryption and security protocols to ensure the utmost safety and security of customer information and confidentiality.
Yes, WebRTC phone software can be used to handle and manage a high volume of calls efficiently. With this software, contact centers can ensure reliable and seamless interactions, even during peak times.
Yes, WebRTC is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing business tools such as CRM systems, or any API based management solution, and others, improving functionality and streamlining overall operations.
WebRTC phone software is suitable for all types of businesses including small businesses to large enterprises. This scalable and flexible solution can easily adapt to the changing needs and requirements of the users.
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