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Offer seamless customer experience with WebRTC phone with HoduSoft’s call center software. WebRTC phone allows for click-to-call communications through multiple browser support. It’s a new channel for users to communicate that is easily embeddable. With this, customers do not have to search the website to find the right number to call. They can place calls directly from a company’s web page by just a click on a button.

The crystal clear voice and hassle-free communication help you assist clients effectively. WebRTC empowers support agents to receive and answer calls inside their browsers without necessitating complex computer-telephony integration and plug-ins.


  • Auto-Answer
  • Call on Mute
  • Call on Hold
  • Attended/Blind Transfer
  • DTMF

Explore how HoduSoftt’s WebRTC phone software for call center helps to boost business communication; 

  • Connect or route calls wherever you want
  • Easily integrated on-hold experiences for your users
  • Real-time performance accessibility
  • Call recording with cloud data storage on your server
  • Click-through calls directly through a web
  • Secure communications
  • Accessible in agent and supervisor portals
  • Say no to hardware phones
  • Say no to 3rd party softphones

HoduSoft aims at delivering solutions that promote business growth by uninterrupted communication. As call centres’ need to handle a large volume of calls, WebRTC phone is a solution that helps to manage the thousands of concurrent calls without interruptions.

Opt for our call center WebRTC phone solutions that render a simplified, secure channel of communication!

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