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Business PBX Phone System

The nexgen business pbx phone system for small and large businesses. Effortless, fingertip ease of use, clear as bell audio clarity. Seamless and robust, smooth as silk connectivity on a unified platform.

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    from small businesses to enterprises everyone likes to use HoduSoft business phone systems.


    Connect, Communicate, Collaborate Effortlessly

    Business Phone Systems brings you the ease of use with the underpinnings of advanced, intelligent VoIP tech, feature-packed to give you the feeling of being in the same room with secure, safe communications worldwide.

    Transform your phone systems with our Multi-tenant IPPBX system. Get started today!

    Hodu Business PBX Phone System
    Easy and Fast to Setup on Cloud Premises

    Business VoIP phone system takes pride in using the finest engine overlaid with easy to use controls. Get started in just a few minutes. Make HoduSoft your first and last business pbx phone system you can carry with you all the time on mobiles and desktops.

    Best Enterprise Business Phone System
    In a Class Apart


    Concurrent Calls

    50 000+




    Third Party





    & Secure

    Designed for always-on business connectivity, whether you’re big or small 

    HoduSoft one of the finest business phone systems, works like a charm, whether you are a small organization (SOHO) or an enterprise-grade business, offering exceptional audio clarity, one-touch operations, customizations, and cost-saving. We have packed numerous features into this business PBX phone system and yet made it modular and scalable to suit the needs of a small user or an enterprise-level user. The hosted business phone system gets you started in just minutes, saves upfront costs, and lets you do more by way of communications, connections, and collaborations in a seamless way.
    • Top of the line, intelligent and smart Least Cost Routing using AI.
    • Real Time Analytics and Reports at your fingertip, Remote Management.
    • Payment Gateway Integration.
    • Single and Multi-tenant business phone system.

    Features of Business Phone Systems Software

    You cannot have everything is what they say but with HoduPBX, that is possible. HoduPBX can be tailored to suit you and your way of working with any of these features.


    HoduPBX is the best business tool to generate revenue by launching hosted VOIP business phone services.

    Prepaid & Postpaid Billing

    Now it’s easier to manage all your customer’s bills with Prepaid and Postpaid invoicing management.

    Auto Provisioning

    Provision your IP Phones Remotely. We support all major brands.

    Payment Gateway Integration

    PayPal, Stripe, and CCAvenue Payment Gateway integrated.

    Least Cost Routing (LCR)

    HoduPBX routes the calls through providers which cost the least to you.

    BLF & Presence

    Configure your IP Phones with BLF (Busy Lamp Field) function keys to enhance productivity and deliver superior customer experiences.

    Audio Conference

    Conduct different types of meetings and conferences like board meetings, sales meetings, training sessions, and more at a specific time that is convenient for all participants.

    Real-Time Analytics

    Get real-time and actionable insights to make informed and productive business decisions.

    Hosted IP PBX Software

    Make your business more efficient by offering hosted services to your customers

    Platform Features

    Multi-tenant to enhance brand value and Multilingual that supports local languages.

    100% Voice Logging

    Log every call automatically to store interactions between your agents and customers.


    A call authentication framework designed to eliminate spoofed robocalls and ensure the legitimacy of caller ID information.

    A Galaxy of Features

    We offer best VoIP business phone system for small businesses and enterprises. Experience the seamless business communication with smart and customizable features. Main features right at your fingertips and more you can set up the way you want to:

    Transform your phone systems with our Multi-tenant IPPBX system. Get started today!


    SMS Integration

    Set up and send one-to-one SMS to your target recipients. Increase leads and customer outreach.

    Telnyx integration into HoduSoft's finest small PBX business phone system improves SMS functionality by integrating your preferred SMS service providers to ensure continuity and ease of use.

    CRM Integration

    Achieve a new level of operability and ease of use as well as access to fingertip data and connect seamlessly through the CRM while keeping a close track. Manage customers much, much better with less effort.

    HoduSoft exclusively offers Zoho phone bridge integration with HoduPBX – IP PBX Software. Whether you are handling ...

    Easily track, prioritize, and resolve customer support interactions through the Zendesk CRM integration with HoduCC!..

    Customers who trust us

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    HoduPBX Software for you

    Make a lasting impression with effective business communication and a custom solution tailored for you.
    Improve employee productivity and efficiency with the new-age business phone system
    Service Provider
    Become a catalyst for growth, and enjoy rewards too with versatile offerings

    Make a lasting impression with effective business communication and a custom solution tailored for you 

    HoduPBX the Finest VoIP Business Phone

    HoduPBX Business Phone System is smart, endowed with AI, and designed to align with the way American businessmen think and use communication services and devices. No glitches. No hassles. Simple, ergonomic, intuitive, feature rich and smooth operations with rich audio anywhere in the world…Take your business to a whole new level.

    You will love to use HoduPBX, a business phone system developed with American small and medium businesses in mind. Instead of getting customers to fit into a right VoIP phone system, we have analyzed and studied the way business phones are used and we  think you will have a better experience with HoduSoft. We are ready to give you a trial so that you can see for yourself just how intuitive and easy to use it is.

    HoduSoft is the outcome of years of ongoing development of the finest business phone systems. It is built on our experience and inputs from our users with iterative refinements, to give you a user experience of the PBX business phone system like no other at a cost that will surprise you! We listen to customers so that you can hear clearly when you use HoduSoft phone system.

    Case Studies

    Case Studies



    YAXXA enters new territories by overcoming operations issues Radically, YAXXA aims at connecting the business...


    Unicef eliminates manual processes to streamline for better monitoring and quality assurance The United Nations...

    Frequently asked questions

    Read this FAQ on HoduSoft, your friendly business phone system. If you still do not find an answer then tap this button to get an expert to respond.

    HoduSoft mobile app is available for the iOS and Android platform for mobiles. We also offer Chrome extension for plug-play operations on PCs and mobiles with no need to download software or plug-ins.
    It is really very simple. HoduSoft incorporates all known brand IP Phones and their handshake codes. Just plug and play. You can set up password for each individual IP phone you connect to the HoduSoft system for higher security or you can use auto-provisioning module to configure all IP phones automatically. We are always here in case you face any issues.
    If you have a network admin conversant with VoIP tech then they can easily configure your SIP trunk including your IP/Domain/registration. If the administrator is in charge of multi-tenant BPS then they can also configure and set up SIP trunking for tenants provided they have access to client accounts. There should be no issues. Contact us if you need help.
    The multi-tenant HoduSoft Business System includes billing given the way it is meant to be used. For single users there is an option to include billing if you like or you can get the HoduSoft business phone system without billing feature. Talk to us to know pros and cons of HoduBPS billing features
    HoduSoft Business Phone System integrates and incorporates Whatsapp as well as WebRTC, enabling secure and safe one on one video calls as well as voice conferencing. This feature can be scaled to suit your needs.
    We support the following IP phones and will add more phones in the future too:
    grandstream/gxp3275 grandstream/gxv300x grandstream/gxv3504 grandstream/gxp2200 grandstream/gxp20xx
    grandstream/gxw410x grandstream/gxv3175 grandstream/gxp1450bk grandstream/gxp140xbk grandstream/gxw40xx
    grandstream/gxv3175v2 grandstream/gxp21xxbk grandstream/dp715 grandstream/ht502 grandstream/gxp2200
    grandstream/ht702 grandstream/ht704 grandstream/gxp2124 grandstream/gxp3240 grandstream/gxp1450
    grandstream/gxp110x grandstream/gxp140x grandstream/gxv3140 grandstream/gxw4004 grandstream/dp715.sm
    grandstream/dp715.sm grandstream/dp750 grandstream/gswave grandstream/gxp17xx grandstream/gxp2130
    grandstream/gxp2140 grandstream/gxv300x grandstream/gxv3240 grandstream/gxv3275 grandstream/gxp16xx
    grandstream/gxp21xx grandstream/gxp2170 grandstream/gxp21x grandstream/ht802 grandstream/gxw42xx
    grandstream/ht503 grandstream/ht701 grandstream/gxp116x grandstream/gxp2135 grandstream/gxp2160
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