HoduCC Work From Home Features

Connect with potential customers as efficiently than ever!

HoduCC – Call & Contact Center Software is the expert solution to empower customer services or boost agent’s productivity. The software now offers an exclusive integration of Zoho CRM for improved connectivity with potential customers.

HoduCC Call Center Software enables handling a large volume of calls, making it a hassle-free process, be it outbound or inbound calls. Outbound calls can be quickly managed through click-to-call from Zoho to HoduCC agents and to end customers. Similarly, when an incoming call strikes, the call pops up in Zoho CRM user’s screen and answers the call through HoduCC agent portal. Have a look at the distinct features of Zoho CRM integration with HoduCC.

Key Features:
  • Remote Agent
  • In-build WebRTC Phone
  • Browser Based
  • Call Forwarding to Mobile
  • Call Bridging
  • Call Recording
  • Highly Secure

HoduCC’s Work From Home (WFH) features are the optimal solution for remote access to employees and enables uninterrupted, yet smooth business operations with security. Here is the brief about how HoduCC’s WFH features operate in specific scenarios:

Stable Internet Access:
  • HoduCC users can log in to their Admin/Supervisor/Team Lead/Agent panel remotely if the server is accessible via the internet or VPN.
  • HoduCC Agent/Supervisor can make and receive calls via login into their respective portal with the help of a built-in WebRTC phone.
  • HoduCC also supports external SIP clients. Users can register their extension on SIP SoftPhone or IP Phone to dial and receive calls, and use system codes to do various tasks like queue login/logout, call transfer to multiple available options, etc.
Unstable Internet Access:

Using external number (mobile/landline) with web portal

  • Users who do not have proper bandwidth for voice calls but can access Websites can use this option.
  • Users can configure their external number (mobile/landline) on which they wish to receive calls from HoduCC.
  • While receiving the call on the external number, users can see the details on the portal like CRM, Call Script, Surveys, Disposition and other functions can be executed through the web portal.
  • The agent can dial from the web portal and the call will first come on the agent’s mobile and once the agent answers the call, the call will be dialed to the customer and the call gets bridged with the agent’s call.
No Internet Access:

Using external number (mobile/landline) only

  • Agents without an internet connection and/or PC/Laptop can use this option.
  • Agent/Supervisor can login to the platform by dialing a defined number and system code.
  • Once logged in, the agent will receive incoming calls directly to his mobile/landline number.
  • Agents can dial out calls directly from their mobile through a predefined DID number configured in HoduCC.

No matter where your employees are, let them manage their work efficiently and productively through simple and easy to use work from home features and delight your customers with superior customer engagement.

Working remotely is no more a challenge.

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