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All-in-one omnichannel contact center software for your insurance company to drive seamless, personalized customer experience.

HoduCC Insurance Omnichannel Software Solution

Finding it difficult to provide personalized customer experiences? With HoduCC omnichannel contact center software, you can provide seamless, personalized customer experiences across communication channels regardless of what kind of insurance you provide. 

Insurance Omnichannel for Real-Time Data Analysis

The insurance industry is a diverse sector that provides a multitude of offerings. Customers dealing with such an industry expect high-quality, quick, and professional service. HoduCC is one such omnichannel contact center software for insurance companies that provide agents with the right information about client accounts, allowing them to utilize their time efficiently and easily deal with a huge volume of calls in a short possible time.

Why Insurance Industry Must Opt for Omnichannel Call Center Software for their Contact Center?

Nowadays, many companies in the insurance sector are using omnichannel contact center software integrated with CRM system to manage all their communications. With the help of this software, contact center agents in insurance companies can communicate effectively with existing and potential customers over voice, chat, web, or emails. Omnichannel contact center software can help insurance companies to:

How HoduCC Contact Center Software Can Help Insurance Companies?

The high volume of customer inquiries and requests, higher customer expectations, efficient customer service, and quick response across multiple channels are some of the key challenges faced by insurance companies worldwide. HoduCC contact center software for the insurance company is designed to help businesses deal with all such challenges easily and efficiently. It helps companies to provide seamless communication across all channels with a personalized approach that makes customers feel valued for a continual relationship. HoduCC is a smart, secure, and agile solution, delivered on the cloud or on-premises, as per the client’s requirements. Some of its key benefits include:

Features of HoduCC Insurance Omnichannel

Predictive Dialer

An ideal tool for businesses with large call volumes. Our predictive dialer contact center software uses advanced algorithms for better productivity.

Skill-Based Routing

Drive customer engagement with preferred proficiency routing. Customers are routed directly to the agents with relevant skills.

Automatic Call Distribution

This feature is intelligently built to automatically sort and manage heavy call volumes. It helps to distribute calls evenly among contact center agents.

WebRTC Phone

In-built web phone based on WebRTC technology, allowing users to connect securely via popular desktop/laptop browsers instead of a dedicated office phone device.

Auto Dialer

Auto-dialers enable the system to simply redirect the call to the next agent. Automation helps in the efficient usage of resources and improves productivity.

Single Tenant & Multi Tenant

Enjoy the powerful single-tenant & multi-tenant features for the contact center.

Multilevel IVR

Drive superior efficiency and personalization via smart multi-level IVR functions and call flow design.

Real-Time Analytics & Reports

Monitor and analyze all customer interactions with live call monitoring and a campaign dashboard to redefine your customer support experience.

AmpliTech: Supercharging Software with Add-On Modules

AI Chatbot

Feature to help businesses handle multiple conversations simultaneously while providing 24/7 support to customers, answering questions, and resolving issues in real time.

WhatsApp Bot

Provide round-the-clock service with the WhatsApp Bot. It is capable of answering regular support queries. It can answer questions thoroughly in a conversational approach.

Voice Transcription (Recording & Voicemail)

High-precision speech recognition system transcribes calls, boosting agent productivity. Allows for easy analysis and auto-capture of important data.

Quality Analysis

An add-on module in HoduCC for ranking the agents based on their voice tone, language proficiency, quality of query the resolution, or any predefined ranking criteria for agents.

WhatsApp Broadcasting

The admin can create a WhatsApp campaign and select the pre-approved WhatsApp message template they want to broadcast to their customers through WhatsApp broadcasting functionality.

SMS Broadcasting

Admin can create the SMS campaign and type the text which they want to broadcast to their customers through SMS broadcasting functionality.

IVR & Agent Survey

Feature to help businesses handle multiple conversations simultaneously while providing 24/7 support to customers, answering questions, and resolving issues in real time.

Customers who trust us

Why Choose HoduCC Contact Center Software for Your Insurance Business?

If you are thinking why HoduCC should be your first-ever choice in contact center solutions space, then here are some of the genuine reasons:

Customer Testimonial

With tools to make every part of your process more human and a support team eager to help you, getting started with the software your choice has never been easier.

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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about our product and Software. Can’t find the answers you’re looking for?

Yes, you can use HoduCC’s Click-2-Call API, which can be used with third-party integrations.
Yes, HoduCC has WebPhone API which can be used for integrations to make and receive calls directly from the 3rd party CRM.
Yes, HoduCC has integration with Cepstral for TTS. You can purchase the license from Cepstral to use it with HoduCC.
Yes, HoduCC has a Google Single Sign-On feature which can be enabled for Admin, Tenant, Supervisor, and Agent levels.
Yes, HoduCC supports the customer import facility. Admin can create the custom fields to accommodate customer details.
HoduCC can generate tickets automatically for email and social media interactions (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Telegram for Business). The HoduCC users can create tickets manually for Calls, chats, SMS, and also for Email, Telegram & Social Media.
As an omnichannel contact center software, HoduCC supports all the popular social media channels.
  • Facebook – Post/Comments and Messenger requests
  • Instagram – Post/Comments requests
  • Twitter – Direct Message requests
  • WhatsApp – Inbound chat requests from customers to WhatsApp Business Account and Agent can send one-to-one Outbound WhatsApp to customer based on the pre-approved template(s) from WhatsApp
  • Telegram – One-to-one chat requests
No, the billing module is not available with HoduCC. However, with HoduCC you can export CDRs and use them withthird-party billing. Call detail API is available for 3rd party integration.
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