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Provide exceptional customer service with faster problem-solving technology that makes every support interaction proactive. HoduCC call center software for small businesses is a reliable, easy-to-use, cost-effective solution for enhancing customer experience. 

Effective Customer Interactions with Small Business Call Center Software

Now manage your customer interactions, all in one place using HoduCC call center software for small businesses. Powered by advanced technology, the software is designed to help businesses handle customer inquiries and support requests more efficiently.

Based on the specific needs and preferences, businesses can choose between multi-tenant and single-tenant call center software.

Automate Routine Tasks and Improve Productivity

With HoduCC call center software, small businesses can streamline their operations by automating routine tasks. They can equip their agents with the right tools like advanced auto-dialers and call support tools that they need to work more efficiently. 

The software allows small businesses to generate valuable data and analytics that can help them improve their operations. Overall, it would improve customer service, increase productivity, and streamline overall business operations.

Unleashing Unrivaled Strength of HoduCC


Concurrent Calls





Third Party CRM





& Secure

Enhance customer care with intuitive support

Drive better productivity, operational efficiency, and experience by adopting smart workflows which keep your agents and customers happy alike. Push boundaries by connecting all the dots in customer calling processes through cutting-edge dialers, IVR, and robust reporting metrics. Enable real-time decision-making with immediate updates to acknowledge and exchange information as it happens.

Small Business Call Center Software Features

Predictive Dialer

Let the dialer place calls for agents. Hodusoft’s outbound call center software efficiently places calls to the customers so that agents can focus on assisting customers in a better way.

Preview Dialer

Review customer's details with our call center’s preview dialer before communicating with the clients. Preview dialer displays the details about customers that assists in delivering improved services.

Progressive Dialer

Make calls that increase customer outreach. Our call center’s progressive dialer only connects calls with the customer once the agent answers the call.

WebRTC Phone

HoduCC – call center software allows to securely converse with customers through in-built web-phone based on WebRTC technology.

Auto Dialer

Take advantage of auto dialer for enhanced operational efficiency. HoduCC – call center software offers an auto dialer that helps in promoting agent’s productivity.

Call Recording

An advanced voice connectivity product, that assures the best quality voice experience and reliable services

Multilevel IVR

A time-saver alternative to connect customers to the right agent. The call center software offers flexible, customized voice menus.

Real-Time Analytics & Reports

Monitor and analyze agent performance to boost productivity. HoduSoft’s call center software offers various custom reports.

Inbound call

Want to offer seamless customer support? HoduCC offers the exceptional inbound call center software to promote your customer support services.

Outbound call

Want to handle large call volumes? HoduSoft has exclusively designed the outbound call centre software for the businesses who need to manage a large volume of outbound calls.

Inbuilt Ticketing System

Reduce workload on your staff and enable faster resolution with a streamlined in-built ticketing system.

Answering Machine Detection (AMD)

Advanced machine recognition technology to bypass answering machines, saving time and optimizing overall performance.

Promotional Dialer

Save time; call customers with pre-recorded messages for promotions, feedback, etc.

Manual Dialer

Allows agents to access records and manually select and initiate calls themselves when required.

Ensemble Remote Features

Remote Agent

Allow your agent to work seamlessly from anywhere and run the business operations smoothly.

In-built WebRTC Phone

Take advantage of advanced audio and video calls to assist customers in a better way.

Call Forwarding To Mobile

Reduce the chances of unattended calls through call forwarding to mobile and improve customer satisfaction.

Call Bridging

Improve the communication through efficiently connecting agents to customers and vice versa.

Call Recording

Maintain high-quality standards of customer services through the call center software’s call recording facility.

Highly Secure

Converse with customers and deliver best assistance to them through the highly secured system.

AmpliTech: Supercharging Software with Add-On Modules

Quality Analysis

An add-on module in HoduCC for empowering supervisors to monitor agent performance through an in-built form builder that can be customized based on different campaigns and performance criteria.

IVR & Agent Survey

Once the conversation between the customer and agent is complete, the agent can take a survey manually or transfer the call to an IVR Survey.

SMS Broadcasting

Create SMS campaigns and easily broadcast targeted messages to customers through an efficient and smooth SMS broadcasting functionality.

Voice Transcription (Recording & Voicemail)

High-precision speech recognition system transcribes calls, boosting agent productivity. Allows for easy analysis and auto-capture of important data.


SMS Integration

Custom SMS integration is also available upon your request. Just let us know your preferred SMS service providers.

Opt for HoduCC to embrace redundant channels of communication for captivating as many interactions.

CRM Integration

Augment accuracy and promote productivity through the Salesforce CRM integration with HoduCC!


HoduCC Call Center Software is the expert solution to empower customer services or boost agents’ productivity.

Easily track, prioritize, and resolve customer support interactions through the Zendesk CRM integration with HoduCC!.

Make collaboration easier for remote teams, monitor agent performances, and more by integrating Freshdesk.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and Software. Can’t find the answers you’re looking for?

Yes, you can use HoduCC’s Click-2-Call API, which can be used with third-party integrations.
Yes, HoduCC has WebPhone API which can be used for integrations to make and receive calls directly from the 3rd party CRM.
Yes, HoduCC has integration with Cepstral for TTS. You can purchase the license from Cepstral to use it with HoduCC.
Yes, HoduCC has a Google Single Sign-On feature which can be enabled for Admin, Tenant, Supervisor, and Agent levels.
Yes, HoduCC supports the customer import facility. Admin can create the custom fields to accommodate customer details.
HoduCC can generate tickets automatically for email and social media interactions (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Telegram for Business). The HoduCC users can create tickets manually for Calls, chats, SMS, and also for Email, Telegram & Social Media.
As an omnichannel contact center software, HoduCC supports all the popular social media channels.
  • Facebook – Post/Comments and Messenger requests
  • Instagram – Post/Comments requests
  • Twitter – Direct Message requests
  • WhatsApp – Inbound chat requests from customers to WhatsApp Business Account and Agent can send one-to-one Outbound WhatsApp to customer based on the pre-approved template(s) from WhatsApp
  • Telegram – One-to-one chat requests
No, the billing module is not available with HoduCC. However, with HoduCC you can export CDRs and use them withthird-party billing. Call detail API is available for 3rd party integration.
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