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Voice and SMS Broadcasting Software

Overcome connectivity, distance and device barriers with digital voice and SMS broadcast

Reach your customers
faster and save more

Multi-tenant and Single tenant
voice and SMS broadcast software

Feature-loaded with automation, HoduBlast is device and geo agnostic, offering convenience with speed to reach millions of customers in a few clicks.

Turn voice and SMS communications effortless with advanced tech

Make your customer outreach effective with digital technology and guaranteed reach. Go beyond social or digital channels to bridge gaps with every customer by pre-recorded voice and text messages, notifications, and alerts built intelligently.

Effortless connections with
millions in few clicks

Grow without limits when you cross all communication barriers

Suitable for both small businesses or large enterprises, HoduBlast integrates with your business operations to help you get more from each process. Boost sales with lead management by actioning activity details and running campaigns, event promotions, surveys, and polls. Spend less, gain more. 

Looking for an easy-to-set-up, maintain, & use voice and SMS broadcasting software?
Get your hands on HoduBlast today..

Highlights – HoduBlast


Expand business reach and improve business operations through HoduBlast’s multi-tenant system.

Multi Level IVR

HoduBlast is a supreme quality voice and SMS broadcasting software.

Campaign Management

Efficiently manage a campaign and reach a vast audience through HoduBlast’s campaign management features.

Lead Management

Adroitly perform lead management and bolster business growth!

Job Scheduler

HoduBlast, Voice, and SMS broadcasting software exclusively offers a distinct feature, job scheduler.

Real Time Reports & Analysis

Get real-time reports and intensify decision making.

Call Broadcast

Make effective call broadcasts with messages for inbound/outbound audiences.

SMS Broadcast

Send bulk SMS to cell phone users in a given area to pursue lead generation.

In-Built Security Module

Protect and monitor the secrecy of significant digital keys via encryption and decryption.

DNC Control

Comes with Do Not Call registry giving choice to receive telemarketing calls.

AmpliTech: Supercharging Software with Add-On Modules

IVR & Agent Survey

Feature to help businesses handle multiple conversations simultaneously while providing 24/7 support to customers, answering questions, and resolving issues in real time.

WhatsApp Broadcasting

The admin can create a WhatsApp campaign and select the pre-approved WhatsApp message template they want to broadcast to their customers through WhatsApp broadcasting functionality.


HoduBlast – Voice & SMS Broadcasting software, includes seamless SMS integration for improved communication.

Just let us know your preferred SMS service providers, and we will efficiently accomplish SMS integration with Voice.

More Features

Let's help you grow your business.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and software. Can’t find the answers you’re looking for?

Yes, the admin can configure it as per the required time conditions for running the SMS and Voice Campaigns.
Yes, HoduBlast can be integrated with Cepstral for TTS. You can get the license from Cepstral to use it with HoduBlast.
In a single server 1200 concurrent calls are supported by HoduBlast.
Admin can configure multiple activities like IVR, Play File, External Call, IVR Survey, TTS in HoduBlast.
Yes, admin can configure SMS templates (Static and Dynamic) for campaigns.
HoduCC can generate tickets automatically for email and social media interactions (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Telegram for Business). The HoduCC users can create tickets manually for Calls, chats, SMS, and also for Email, Telegram & Social Media.
You can get System, Campaign and SMS related reports from HoduBlast.
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