HoduBs-Voice and SMS Broadcasting Software

HoduSoft’s Voice & SMS Broadcasting Software (HoduBS) is an advanced automated software which is sleeved with state-of-the-art features. Whether you are operating a small business or an enterprise, HoduBS is the right choice for you. Our Voice & SMS Broadcasting Software is easy to use and integrate with your existing business operations.

Through digital voice messaging software, save your company’s 30% -70% cost compared to hiring voice agents. Voice & SMS Broadcasting Software is an ideal way to reach out to people residing in remote places. One can upload his/her own voice recording and schedule a voice broadcast. The multi-tenant version can be used to provide the Voice & SMS broadcasting services to your clients.

This software allows you to run campaigns, event promotions, organizing surveys and polls, send reminders, warnings, or reports. Also, you will be able to communicate efficiently with customers who do not have access to social media, email or text messages.

Salient Features

Multi-tenant Support
Maximize the capabilities of your resources with HoduBS’s multi-tenant support

Multilingual Support
Language is no more a barrier to communicate with your audience if you use HoduBS

Save time by scheduling voice calls and SMS for your customers

Pre-recorded Messages
Improve employees productivity by presenting pre-recorded messages when required

Real-time Analytics
Improve performance by analyzing daily reports in real-time

Call Tracking
Track and record the call to train your employees to deliver a better customer experience

Communicate effectively with your customer by sending them SMS notification for an important update about your business. HoduBS offers the most efficient SMS broadcasting solutions to run campaigns or promotional activities to boost your business growth. Strengthen customer engagement with a quick message delivery by using HoduBS

You can simply upload your contact list, write a text message, and send a bulk message right away or schedule it as per the convenience. Adopt HoduBS and schedule SMS to your audience to promote your business growth.

Use HoduBS voice broadcasting solutions to drive new business. Just import a contact list and call them to offer a simple press-1 option. Then the contacts will be redirected to the right department of your business. You can also schedule campaigns at the best times for your customers.

The automated voice solutions accommodate you to reach out to customers with their preferred languages. Voice messaging is an efficient way for appointment reminders, event invitations, service notifications, and more Our voice broadcasting software is designed to increase productivity by matching the voice messaging needs of your business

Use HoduBS – voice, and SMS Broadcasting Software to drive in new business. Our software is simple to integrate with your existing business operations. It is also easy to use that enables your employees to work skillfully. Get HoduBS and improve your business performance.

  • Multi-tenant Support
  • Multilingual Support
  • Trunk/Gateway Management
  • Easy to Configure Call Routing
  • Campaign Management
  • Lead Management
  • Job Scheduler
  • Week Off Mode
  • Holiday Mode
  • DNC Control
  • Multi-Level Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Answering Machine Detection
  • Call Broadcast
  • SMS Broadcast
  • Tenant wise SMS Balance
  • Tenant wise Call Minutes
  • Call Route to
    • Playback
    • IVR
    • External Numbe
  • Real-Time Dashboard
  • Real-Time Call Status
  • Real-Time Campaign Monitor
  • Real-Time Reports
  • Standard Reports
  • Inbuilt Security Module

IVR Survey

Once regular communication between the customer & agent is over, the agent can transfer the call to IVR Survey. IVR Survey provides a set of survey questions to the customer.

Our StrengthS
1000+ Concurrent Calls
Highly Scalable
Product Customization
Attractive UI/UX
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