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HoduSoft helps you manage your communication system professionally and efficiently with its world-class multi-tenant IP PBX software. Designed to suit all types of businesses, this business PBX phone system for Belgium comprises all the key features that are required to deliver consistent customer service on a unified platform. 

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    HoduPBX business PBX phone system for Belgium helps boost customer engagement and employee collaboration

    Get the best experience with our advanced IP PBX system, designed for Belgium-based businesses. This multi-tenant IP PBX system offers increased flexibility and scalability, improved security, customization options, and many other benefits. Moreover, the system can be installed on premises or over the cloud as per the client’s requirements.

    About VoIP Business Phone System in Belgium

    A VoIP business phone system or IP PBX system in Belgium is a telephone switching system that switches calls between VoIP users. It helps businesses save huge on communications services, especially on long-distance and international calls. This internet-based phone service is generally managed via VoIP, SIP trunk, and SIM cards (GSM Gateways).

    By switching to IP PBX, businesses can access numerous advanced features like Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Computer Telephony Interface (CTI), BLF & Presence, Prepaid & Postpaid Billing, Auto Provisioning, Payment Gateway Integration, Least Cost Routing (LCR), and many others. 

    Why Choose HoduPBX Multi-Tenant IP PBX Software?

    HoduPBX multi-tenant PBX is the best and most efficient software for businesses in Belgium

    HoduPBX software is designed to meet the precise needs of all types and sizes of businesses in Belgium. It can be customized to suit the key purpose or requirement of a business. This feature-packed PBX system ensures superior communication, improved reliability, and excellent customer support. There are numerous reasons to choose HoduPBX IP PBX as your business PBX phone system, such as: 

    • HoduPBX is an efficient option for both single-tenant and multi-tenant users. 
    • It can be installed on-premises or over the cloud as per the client’s requirements.
    • After installing the IP PBX system, businesses can host it from their end to provide hosted services to their customers.
    • It provides assorted advanced features like call forwarding, inbound and outbound dialing, IVR, auto attendants, audio conference, etc. 
    • The HoduPBX system can be integrated easily with CRM and Payment Gateway.
    • This multi-tenant PBX software facilitates the Least Cost Routing feature. This feature assures the cost-effective and efficient management of long-distance or international calls.
    • It provides real-time analytics and reports to help users make informed decisions. 
    • All the amazing features and benefits of HoduPBX software are available at an unbelievable price tag.

    Features of HoduPBX VoIP Phone System Belgium

    The HoduPBX VoIP phone system for Belgium-based businesses allows easy customization options. Businesses can get the system customized to suit their way of working with any of these features.


    HoduPBX is an excellent tool for businesses to generate more revenue by offering hosted VOIP business phone services.

    Prepaid & Postpaid Billing

    The software makes it easier to manage all your customer’s bills with Prepaid and Postpaid invoicing management.

    Auto Provisioning

    Provision your IP Phones Remotely. We support all major brands.

    Payment Gateway Integration

    PayPal, Stripe, and CCAvenue Payment Gateway integrated.

    Least Cost Routing (LCR)

    HoduPBX routes the calls through providers which cost the least to you.

    BLF & Presence

    Configure your IP Phones with BLF (Busy Lamp Field) function keys to enhance productivity and deliver superior customer experiences.

    Audio Conference

    It supports different types of meetings and conferences like board meetings, sales meetings, training sessions, and more at a particular time that is convenient for all participants.

    Real-Time Analytics

    Get real-time insights to make profitable business decisions.

    Hosted IPPBX Icon
    Hosted IP PBX Software

    Make your business more efficient by offering hosted services to your customers.

    Platform Features

    Multi-tenant to enhance brand value and Multilingual that supports local languages. Also with custom parameter options, meet your specific business needs.

    Work better together
    on cloud-delivered IP PBX platform 

    Achieve more by bringing people together to share, present, and brainstorm over any device from anywhere

    Hosted VOIP business phone services in Belgium using HoduPBX

    The best thing about the HoduPBX IP PBX system is that it can be installed on-premises or over cloud servers as per the user’s requirements. The clients or partners in Belgium can host the software from their end to provide hosted services to their customers. This way, it allows them to boost their brand value while generating better revenue. 

    HoduPBX is enterprise-grade multi-tenant IP PBX software that is easy to set up and use. Moreover, it comes with assorted features and customization options to meet the specific needs of all types of businesses. Businesses like ITSPs, ISPs, MSPs, hosted VoIP business phone system service providers, or any other businesses with widespread operations, all can benefit greatly from using our business PBX system. 

    IP PBX Business Phone System In a Class Apart


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    A Galaxy of Features

    We are one of the best providers of automated business phone systems for all types and sizes of businesses in Belgium. Enjoy an exceptional business communication experience with intelligent and customizable features offered by HoduPBX. Main features right at your fingertips and more you can set up the way you want to:


    SMS Integration

    Send SMS to customers within just a few seconds. HoduPBX offers seamless SMS integration to reach the target audience ..

    Custom SMS integration is available upon your request as well. Just let us know your preferred SMS service providers, and we will efficiently ...

    CRM Integration

    HoduSoft exclusively offers Zoho phone bridge integration with HoduPBX – IP PBX Software. Whether you are handling outbound...

    HoduSoft exclusively offers Zoho phone bridge integration with HoduPBX – IP PBX Software. Whether you are handling ...

    Easily track, prioritize, and resolve customer support interactions through the Zendesk CRM integration with HoduCC!..

    Is HoduPBX suitable for small businesses in Belgium?

    If you are planning to invest in an IP PBX system, then HoduPBX can be the best choice. With the increase in hybrid and remote work culture, several small businesses in Belgium are switching to IP PBX or hosted VoIP business phone systems. It helps them in strengthening their professional image. Moreover, they can benefit from the advanced features offered by HoduPBX that are essential to perform well in today’s competitive marketplace. 

    Apart from this, HoduPBX is one such automated business phone system that provides customization options. It means, businesses can get it customized in a way that best suits their way of working. 

    HoduPBX multi-tenant IP PBX system in Belgium

    The most efficient and incredible VoIP business phone system for unified communication

    With years of experience, technical expertise, and end-to-end support capabilities, HoduSoft has become one of the best providers of multi-tenant IP PBX software in Belgium. We can help you enhance your brand value and create a lasting impression with our enterprise-grade IP PBX system. 

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