HoduSoft offers HoduPBX – IP PBX software for global business communications. When you buy HoduPBX, you are not only getting one of the best PBX software, but you are investing in a system that improves productivity, facilitates business communication and gives faster ROI.

HoduSoft offers multi tenant IP PBX software for ITSP’s and single tenant IP PBX for Enterprises, customized around your needs by offering unprecedented user interface, user experience and connectivity from office, through mobile and through a browser interface. It does not get any better when it is backed by unmatched support from our world-class professional team.

The VoIP PBX system allow you to communicate with your branch offices all around the world with the support of a unified platform, while also authorize people to reach you on your extension without really knowing where you are situated.

Salient Features

IP PBX software that offers multi-tenant and individual branding solutions to enhance your brand value.

HoduPBX offers a global IP PBX Solution that supports all the local languages.

SMS, text messaging is the easiest way for businesses to communicate with customers and employees using mobile phones. With HoduPBX – IP PBX Software, you can easily send and receive SMS from Extension Portal, Android App, iOS App and the Chrome Extension. Easily send SMS using Twilio or Telnyx. Most importantly, we can integrate with your preferred SMS provider as well.

Hosted PBX
Hosted PBX software, the finest in custom designed FreeSWITCH based Hosted PBX software for global business.

BLF & Presence
Configure your IP Phones with BLF (Busy Lamp Field) function keys.

With a full-featured fax server integrated into the IP PBX Software, faxes can be sent and received from anywhere in the network system. It allows you to send faxes via e-mail and receive faxes to e-mail along with Web to Fax. You can also receive fax on Android App, iOS App and the Chrome Extension. The fax report gives details of all the faxes through all the channels.

Prepaid & Postpaid
Manage all your customers, prepaid and postpaid. It is all here! Automatic invoicing is the key.

Integrated Payment Gateway
Customers can pay their invoices from HoduPBX via an integrated PayPal payment gateway.

Call Threshold Plan
You can now limit your Tenants and Extensions based on various parameters like Billing Amount, Call Count, Call Duration, Destination Prefix and Unique Number. You have it all!

Auto Provisioning
Provision your IP Phones automatically. We support all major brands.

Least Cost Routing (LCR)
Feel relaxed! HoduPBX routes the calls through providers which cost least to you.

The demand for hosted IP PBX services is growing by the day. Telecom service providers need to cater to this growing segment by offering maximum features at the best possible rates along with ease of use and a seamless experience. Choosing the right multi-tenant IP PBX software that has inbuilt scalability, unlimited resellers, least cost routing along with controls and billing is crucial to the success of such VoIP Service providers.

Multi Tenant IP PBX is an advanced IP PBX platform allowing service providers stay competitive in the rapidly changing marketplace.This allows service providers offer advanced cloud based Unified Communications to their business customers and successfully compete with cloud services offered by larger competitors. As workforce becomes increasingly mobile, one of the features that should be a part of the IP PBX consideration is ease of use on desktop or mobile platforms. Any user should be able to initiate or receive not just audio calls but also video calls through a simple web browser interface assuming the developer has included WebRTC technologies into the IP PBX hosted solution.

If the technology side is important then the other side, which is billing, call management, monitoring and reporting, is no less so. Hodusoft intelligent Multi-tenant IP PBX Software is the outcome of years of development and perfecting a solution that will result in telecom carriers delivering customer satisfaction while earning a steadily growing stream of revenues.

Least Cost Routing (LCR)

Feel relaxed! HoduPBX routes the calls through providers which costs least to you.

BLF & Presence

Configure your IP Phones with BLF (Busy Lamp Field) function keys. Check whether the extension is busy or free to talk.

Multi Tenant

HoduPBX is a perfect match for ITSP’s who want to offer hosted PBX services. HoduPBX comes with Multi Tenancy and individual branding for you to enhance your brand value and put you in the lead.

Multi Lingual

HoduPBX is truly global. Being said that, it understands the importance of being local. It supports all the local languages, which is user friendly for the tenants and extensions. Manage your customers globally, but with local taste.

IP PBX Software Features

Communication is the key to business success and it is just as important for smaller companies as it is for larger ones. IP PBX Software is often perceived as a communication tool meant only for larger enterprises. If the business is switching over to IP-PBX the reasons are not far to seek. It offers far more benefits than the standard PSTN telephony can ever hope to deliver. Let us take a look at the top features of IP PBX software.

  • Call back
  • Call forward
  • Call parking
  • Call pickup
  • Call Transfer (blind, attended)
  • DND (Do Not Disturb)
  • Speed Dial
  • User-friendly Web interfaces
  • Video calls
  • Voicemail , Voicemail-to-email
  • Voicemail broadcast
  • Personal recording / notes

Reseller Module
Create your resellers, expand your business. You can add resellers who can reach to their respective customers.

Queue monitor
The Queue Monitor collects information for the Call Status, Agent Call Status & Agent Status during different time periods.

In HoduPBX, through SMS broadcasting functionality admin can create the SMS campaign and type the text which they wants to broadcast to their customers.

Our CRM Partner

Zoho CRM PBX Integration increase the efficiency of your phone communication by giving you more information and more options for each call you make or receive. Gives you a new experience of effective phone communication right in your Zoho crm and drives your business processes to advanced standards. Login into your Zoho CRM, tap on Extension Number OR Customer’s contact number and it connects you on the call.

Our Strengths
1000+ Concurrent Calls
10,000+ Extensions
Product Customization
Attractive UI/UX
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