HoduPBX – IP PBX software is well-renowned for offering flawless business communication throughout the world. The system comprises various robust and advanced features that helps businesses in increasing their productivity and enhancing the customer experience. HoduPBX – IP PBX software has also come up with some unique add-on features. One such feature is the Voice Transcription feature.

A number of APIs are available in the market these days for speech recognition. When it comes to transcription of an audio file to text, Google API is among the widely used APIs.

The HoduPBX is integrated with the Google API to facilitate voice or audio message transcription. Whenever a voicemail comes in the HoduPBX system for any customer, the PBX will use the Google API to transcribe that voice or audio message into a PDF file and then send it to the users.



Easy Integration:  The HoduPBX – IP PBX software is integrated easily with the Google API for the purpose of voice transcription.

Audio into PDF File:  Whenever a voicemail is received by the PBX business phone system, it will convert the audio message into a PDF file and then transfer it to the users.

Message Filtration: With voice transcription, users can easily search and filter text-based messages right in their inbox to have an instant look at any important detail in a message.


To Keep Records:  Businesses can utilize the call transcription facility to keep a record of conversations between the extension and the customers. These records can be stored for future reference or training purposes.

Superior Customer Service Experience: Similar to call recordings, call transcriptions are also an essential part of an effective customer service experience. Call transcription can be used to understand the customer’s requirements, key statements, or suggestions in a better manner so that they can be provided with the best customer service experience.

Easy Follow-Up:  When an audio or voice is transcribed into written text, it allows easy follow-up with the customer.

Training Purpose: Transcriptions can also be used for training purposes. It can be used to provide an example to the agents or customer representatives about what to talk about and what not while providing customer support.

HoduPBX – IP PBX software integration with Google API for voice transcription is an excellent add-on functionality that allows businesses to serve their customers more efficiently while enhancing overall communication.

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