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Voice Transcription (Recording & Voicemail)

Allow your agents to quickly skim through voicemails and call recordings by transcribing them into text. This transcription can be seamlessly done via a third-party app integration with HoduCC and can be accessed by the supervisors, admin, and agents anytime.

The transcription’s quality and accuracy may vary based on the audio quality, background noise, or the speaker’s accent.

Since the agents get to deal with visual information, written representation is far more favored than listening to voicemail or recorded calls without transcription.

This integration is essential for your operational team if you want to optimize your communication needs, and it might do wonders for you!


  • Increased productivity with voicemail since the reps can sieve the critical issues and attend to them first.
  • Fast and cost-effective as the agents do not have to listen to an entire voicemail. They can just read the transcripts and get a gist of clients’ concerns.
  • Reports are accessible for a particular prospect.
  • Transcription can also be translated into a multilingual audience via a third-party app.
  • Reduce the manual transcription effort, eliminating the probability of manual error.

You can leverage the capabilities of HoduCC’s integration with a third-party voice transcription add-on to deliver leading voice cognition.

If you want to incorporate the power of voice transcription into your business, contact us.

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