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Manual Dialer

A manual dialer offered by HoduCC call center software allows agents to manually initiate outbound calls. When using a manual dialer, agents need to manually select and dial each contact number.

The manual dialer is an excellent solution in scenarios that require customized conversations or involve complex sales processes. It allows agents to have more control, flexibility, and ability to deliver personalized service when initiating outbound calls.

Benefits of Manual Dialer

Full control over each call:

With a manual dialer, agents can have full control over when to make a call. They can go through customer information, prepare for the call, and decide the best time to engage with the prospect or customer. 

Personalized Approach:

Since agents can access the customer information before making the call, they can prepare themselves to personalize their approach. 

Better Flexibility:

Manual dialers offer better flexibility, allowing agents to alter their calling strategy based on real-time circumstances.

Easy handling of Complex Sales Scenarios:

A manual dialer is the best tool for handling complex sales scenarios that require thoughtful consideration or detailed conversations.

Compliance Control:

Manual dialing provides better control over adherence to legal requirements, especially for industries that deal with strict compliance regulations. 

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Features of Manual Dialer

HoduCC’s manual dialer software offers various attractive and useful features to help businesses deliver personalized approaches. Some of the key features include:
Customer Information
Call Dispositions
Call Recording
Integration with CRM
Reporting and Analytics
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