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HoduPBX – IP PBX software is designed with the capability of handling more than 1000 concurrent calls and 10000+ extensions on a single server. The system comprises various advanced features that facilitate the efficient handling of a large volume of calls and overall business operations. HoduPBX has also introduced some add-on features to make the system even more efficient. One such add-on feature is Queue Pro. Queue Pro allows users to see the status of the call queue in real-time. It monitors and collects information about the call status and agent status for different call queues. Tenants have the option to create multiple call queues under the service section of the portal.

After creating and configuring the multiple queues, agents can be assigned for the same. By adding the agents to the queue list, they are all set to answer the incoming calls from their assigned queue.


Real-time Call Status

The user can see the call status in real-time to check whether it is answered or waiting in the queue.

Agent Call Status

The user can also check the number of agents who are busy on calls and the available agents to take the next call.

Agent Status

Here, the user can check the real-time status of agents like the number of agents who have logged in and the agents who are on a break.

Sticky Agent

Callers can be connected to the same agent that they spoke with last time. The agent can configure preferences including validity of sticky agents in number of days based on the first call or last call.

Queue Callback

Instead of waiting in the queue until the agent answers the call, customers have a callback option. As soon as an agent is available, the system automatically calls the customer.

Agent Priority

Multiple agents can be selected for various queues and priority can be set.

Graphical View

The user can also have a graphical view of ‘Queue-wise calls per hour’. It gives a view of the total number of calls received in an hour, number of calls answered and number of abandoned calls per hour.

Tabular View

The portal provides real-time data including queue data, agent data, and queue calls back data in a tabular view.

Export Data

Users can also export data related to a call queue via the ‘queue data monitor’ option.



Admin can select a call queue to get real-time information about the calls and the agent status. Data of multiple call queues can also be accessed at the same time.


Users can check the call status information like total number of calls, number of answered calls, number of abandoned calls, percentage of abandoned calls, average waiting time and maximum waiting time in real-time.


The dashboard provides all kinds of call information like number of calls waiting in the queue, timers of active calls, status of agents (online or offline), which agents are on call and for how long, etc.


With the help of the Queue Pro dashboard, the admin can have a real-time comprehensive view of call queues. They can access the current as well as historical data related to call activities. They can also check the agent’s performance.


Based on the comprehensive view of all the data, managers can make well-informed decisions related to business growth.

In all, HoduPBX’s Queue Pro add-on feature lets users get an instant view of what is going on inside a queue in real-time. This further helps in the easy management of calls and providing better customer service.

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