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Platform Features

Whether you are a reseller or a tenant, you can easily configure HoduPBX’s platform to tailor your specific and unique needs. All platform configuration features enable easy customization and performance optimization of the HoduPBX IP PBX software.

HoduPBX’s platform features enable both resellers and tenants to configure the IP PBX software quite effortlessly. The
cutting-edge platform is extremely user-friendly and it provides a seamless experience to both resellers and tenants.

Platform configuration features for reseller

The platform provides exclusive configuration capabilities to resellers,
which enable them to customize and adapt to changing business needs.

Reseller profile:

Reseller can set the default login type and log in either as an admin or an extension.

Invoice email:

Resellers can easily send invoices to specific email addresses.

SMS notification account:

Resellers can configure their preferred SMS account to send different SMS templates (incoming answer call, incoming unanswered call, outgoing answer call, outgoing unanswered call, and missed call).

SMS notification number:

Resellers can select the number from which they can send the SMS templates. They just need to select an SMS notification account to send missed call SMS and SMS call notification.

Payment gateways:

HoduPBX has three payment gateway integrations: PayPal, Stripe, and CCAvenue. Resellers can configure any of the three payment gateways accounts to receive payments.

SLA parameters:

SLA parameters enable resellers to identify if any tenants or extensions violated any SLA features. Using this, resellers can enable SLA and select font colors for warning value and critical value.


Resellers can use this feature to display their brand name, logo, login logo, login splash, favicon, and text about resellers. The entire branding information of resellers will be visible to every tenant.

Voicemail transcript:

Using this, resellers can allow the voicemail transcript feature in HoduPBX.

SSO options:

Using the Single Sign-On (SSO option), resellers can enable SSO login with Google and Microsoft Live as well as allow SSO with Google and Microsoft Live. By enabling SSO, resellers can log in with a single ID to any of several related, yet independent, software systems.

Platform configuration features for tenants

Default setting:

This enables tenants to define invoice recipient emails. Here tenants can define an email ID (as well as multiple email IDs) on which invoice email will be sent. Here, tenants can also get the option to enable or disable display balance in the header.


Tenants can enable SLA and set font colors for warning value and critical value. This enables tenants to identify if any extensions violated any SLA features.

SMS Call Notification:

Tenants can enable SMS call notification and select notification call type.


Here tenants get the option to enable or disable the user SSO option with Google. If enabled, tenants can provide SSO to their users and extensions. 

Call Settings:

Tenants can enable or disable a wide range of call settings such as voicemail transcript, Zoho CRM, autopayment of future invoices, and more.

Low Balance Notifications:

Even though the configuration of low balance notifications will be done by the reseller, it enables tenants to view the total balance, set alert balance, enable or disable low balance alert email, and call alert (both internal and external).


Tenants can show their logo and about us text to their extensions. The logo they upload will be displayed to all extensions about us that belong to the tenant.

HoduPBX’s platform features provide a wide array of configuration options for both resellers and tenants. This enables resellers and tenants to configure the sophisticated IP PBX software platform features for their diverse needs.

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