Real Time Analytics & Reports

Accelerate business growth with smart data and make informed decisions for your business. HoduPBX facilitates real-time analytics and reports to map your customers’ journeys and the progress of your business. Enterprises handle a large volume of internal and external calls on a daily basis.

HoduPBX’s analytics and reports are a great way to organize, manage, optimize data systematically. The software allows real-time analytics & reports for easy access to data from all customer communications that can distinguish call patterns by day of the week, time, location, or issue. Also, the comprehensive insights collected from inbound calls and outbound calls work as a beacon for Enterprise. Along with improved operational visibilities, it assists in determining business strategies.


HoduPBX’s real-time analytics assists you in making key decisions that includes:

  • Account Dashboard
  • System Dashboard
  • Platform Dashboard
  • Active Calls Dashboard
  • Tenant Real-time Status Dashboard
  • Vendor (Provider) Reports and many more

HoduPBX’s real-time reports feature allows generating various types of reports:

  • Call Reports
  • Tenant Reports
  • Reseller Reports
  • Billing Reports
  • Invoice Reports
  • Payment Reports
  • Balance Reports
  • Device Reports
  • System Logs
  • Log Viewer
  • Vendor (Provider) Reports and many more
The benefits of the analytics and reports
  • Comprehensive insights into the data
  • Highly deployed and scalable results
  • Identify the actionable alterations required in your business
  • Measure and analyse Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • Keep all requisite information at one place
  • Generate trending reports to improve efficiency

Opt for the Hosted PBX software that produces the reports easily, quickly, and efficiently. With the gained insights from the data, you can easily focus on the KPIs of your business.

HoduPBX’s real-time analytics and reports functionality enable you to track and improve overall performance, enhance customer experience, increases productivity, and make data-driven decisions. Choose HoduPBX – IP PBX software and strategize your business.

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