Hosted PBX System

Looking to offer hosted services to your customers? Our hosted PBX phone system is the perfect solution for you. Our software is scalable, fast and easy to set up, providing your customers with a seamless communication experience. 



Why choose our PBX phone system for hosted services?

HoduSoft’s IP PBX is an easy to start and simple to manage business phone system. It provides effective and controlled management of tenants. The numerous features offered by HoduPBX help users run an advanced level of business to increase revenues. Businesses including ITSPs, ISPs, MSPs, hosted VoIP phone system service providers, and others with widespread operations can benefit greatly by using this intelligent business PBX system. They can install the software on their server and then provide hosted services to their customers from their end.

Choosing HoduPBX hosted PBX system for hosted services can bring various benefits for your business such as improved productivity, better collaboration and controlled management, cost-effectiveness, and increased ROI.

Start Your Hosted PBX Business With HoduPBX