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HoduSoft’s Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Trunking module is an advanced voice connectivity product, that assures the best quality voice experience and reliable services. By replacing traditional multiple fixed PSTN lines with IP telephony (Internet Protocol telephony), it can support a large number of simultaneous calls. It helps customers to save huge on their communication costs, increases flexibility, and opens up a host of unified communications features. Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSPs), and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and can opt for the SIP Trunking service to provide services to their customers and to route the calls as per business requirements. Moreover, the SIP trunking solution can be helpful to overcome issues related to scalability, maintenance, and convergence. With the help of HoduSoft’s IP PBX Software, SIP Trunking can be configured, monitored, and managed easily.



Inbound and Outbound Trunk Rate Plan: 

Whatever trunk the tenants are using to make calls, the admin can define the trunk rate plan for both the inbound and outbound calls.

Bundle Plan: The admin can also enable the bundle plan to provide an offer to their tenants related to inbound and outbound calling.

User Permission: The admin can allow the number of trunks that the tenant can configure. For instance, while assigning the SIP Trunking service, the admin can assign 10 trunks to the tenant that they can configure and further assign to their users.

Trunk Details: As a tenant admin, one can create a trunk as per customer requirements and limit the number of calls just like HoduPBX’s main admin does for his tenants.

Max Simultaneous Calls: The tenant can set the number of simultaneous calls for a particular SIP trunk.

Outbound Trunk Configuration: When the tenant enables the outbound trunk configuration, the system will automatically generate username and will ask for authentication.

Authentication: The authentication configuration for outbound trunk can be performed on the basis of registration, Whitelist IP, and Whitelist IP plus Username/Contact.

Inbound Trunk Configuration: In case the tenant wants to route the incoming calls to some external URI, he can set a particular domain or IP where all the incoming calls can be routed.

Trunk Routing: Trunk routing feature allows users to route the outbound trunk calls to multiple end-points such as HoduPBX extensions, playback, queue, IVR, conference, ring group, voicemail, fax, etc. Calls can also be routed to the inbound trunk.

Trunk Status Dashboard: By searching the name of a particular trunk, the user can get the real-time status information about the trunk including the registration and live call counts.

Call Recording: If enabled, all the calls can be recorded and saved on the HoduPBX portal for future reference.

Caller ID Preference: At the time of creating the SIP trunk, there is an option of caller ID. So, while updating the trunk routing, the users can either choose the original caller ID or can set the system generated caller ID.

Inbound Rules: When configuring the inbound rules, the tenant can set the rule name, destination pattern, default extension, and default destination. The configuration for inbound rules helps to route the calls to different extensions for easy handling of various incoming calls.

Trunkwise Call Details: Users can get all the trunkwise details for inbound and outbound calls along with the charges.


Easy Configuration: The tenant user can easily configure the SIP trunk to manage the inbound and outbound calling.

Highly Secure: The whitelist IP trunk and registration based trunk option ensures that the calls made over the SIP trunks are fully secure.

Simplified Network: It replaces traditional multiple fixed PSTN lines with single link SIP trunk connectivity for smooth functionality.

Quick Scalability: Provide quick scalability on a single link with numerous simultaneous calls.

Disaster Recovery: SIP trunks can be an important part of your business’ disaster recovery plan. If some unexpected event happens, calls can be diverted instantly to another site/system, so there will be no impact on business operations.

Cost-Effective: SIP trunking services are affordable and provide better ROI.

HoduSoft’s SIP trunking module is the best way to manage all your communications and make processes run smoothly. Sign up for a free demo to get more information about SIP Trunking.

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