HoduSoft’s multi-tenant IP PBX (HoduPBX) software helps businesses to integrate a seamless communication mechanism. HoduPBX – is a comprehensive software for ITSP’s who want to offer hosted PBX services. The software comes with multi-tenancy and individual branding for you to enhance your brand value and put you in the lead.

The IP PBX Software cab used from multiple premises with a well-managed communication solution from a central office or location. Our paramount combination of advanced PBX and unified interface features helps you to improve your business communication.


Least Cost Routing (LCR)

Feel relaxed! HoduPBX routes the calls through providers which cost least to you.

Integrated Payment Gateway

Customers can pay their invoices from HoduPBX via integrated PayPal payment gateway. We can add other payment gateways too.

Auto Provisioning

Provision your IP Phones automatically. We support all major brands. Configure the keys and much more.

BLF & Presence

Configure your IP Phones with BLF (Busy Lamp Field) function keys. Check whether the extension is busy or free to talk.

Reseller Module

Create your resellers, expand your business. You can add resellers who can reach to their respective customers.


HoduSoft provides intelligent Hosted PBX Software. Our next-generation multi-tenant PBX Software helps businesses to build a cost-effective PBX system. Sign up for a free demo to get more details about multi-tenant IP PBX Software.

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