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HoduPBX – IP PBX software facilitates global business communications. It helps businesses to enhance their productivity, and get a better return on investment. The system consists of numerous features that facilitate smooth and flawless business communication. HoduPBX IP PBX software has also introduced add-on features to make this system even more attractive and valuable. One such add-on feature is the ‘Reseller Module’ Reseller Module allows ISPs, ITSPs and Telecoms to add Resellers so that they can further provide the PBX services to their Reseller’s clients or tenants. The Reseller Module is quite similar to the admin portal but is available with some limited rights. Reseller is like another customer who can sell the PBX services to their customers and create tenants.

The key difference between an admin and reseller here is that the admin can create multiple resellers; however a reseller cannot create their sub-resellers. They can only sell the services to their tenants.

A reseller account is created by the admin using their personal information. It allows them to access certain rights like ‘Profile Customization’, ‘User & Role Access’, ‘Queue Pro Access’, ‘Gateway Access’, ‘API Access’, ‘DID Access’, and so on. Based on the rights given to the resellers by the admin, features will be available in the Reseller Portal.




Online Payment:  The resellers can receive payment online through various sources like PayPal, Stripe and CCAvenue from their customers for the services they are getting from the reseller.

Multiple Tenants:  Through the reseller portal, resellers can create multiple tenants.

User Roles: Reseller can create multiple users under the reseller portal.

Web Access: The admin can allow the web access to the reseller under their own domain or create a sub-domain for the reseller account.

Gateway:  Either the admin will provide the gateway or the resellers can have their own gateway to offer minutes to reseller’s tenants.

SMS: SMS number can be provided by the admin or the resellers can create their own provider.

Easy Billing:  Resellers can easily create a billing system including bundle plan, bill plan, rate card, rate plan, tax head, tax profile, bill plan fees, bill plan requests, and more for the customers or tenants.

Customization: Resellers can configure music on hold file, and modify their email templates as per their requirements.

SIP Trunking:  SIP trunking service is available for making calls over the Internet.

Language/Currency: Resellers can choose multiple languages/currency options as per their requirements and assign to their tenants.

Quick Access to Various Reports: Resellers can have quick access to various reports like:

  • Billing Reports: Invoice, review invoice, add balance, advance payment, etc.
  • Call Reports: Call details, date and hour-wise calls, fax details, date-wise call charges, tenant call charges, tenant call details, bundle plan wise call details, etc.
  • Platform Reports: Tenant service details, invoice details, tenant balance, tenant advance payment, failed payments, currency details, blacklist number details, bill plan-wise tenant details, rate plan wise tenant details, etc

Invoice: Based on the billing plan, the resellers can generate the invoice via the PBX system and send it to their tenants on a monthly basis.



Easy to Use:  Reseller module is quite easy to use. Resellers can use the portal to create multiple tenants and charge them on the basis of their service usage.

No Heavy Investment:  Resellers don’t need to make any heavy investments. They will be charged by the admin based on the off-line deal for whatever services they want to sell to their tenants or customers.

Access to Multiple Features: If permitted by the admin, resellers can have access to multiple features like profile customization, queue pro access, gateway access, API access, DID access, Zoho access, user and role access, SMS access, payment, and more.

Multiple Users: Resellers can create multiple users for the portal.

Improved Growth:  With the HoduSoft Business Phone System can create multiple resellers and allow them to sell the services to their tenants. This not only increases the customer base for the business but also leads to improved growth.

Increased ROI:  Enhanced customer base and better business growth help to bring in more profit for the businesses and more profit means increased ROI.

Hodusoft’s HoduPBX – IP PBX software is the best solution for businesses to provide enhanced business communication. The reseller module is a fantastic add-on feature of the PBX system that allows ISPs, ITSPs and Telecoms to distribute their service to resellers. By creating reseller accounts and providing them with certain rights, businesses can easily build up their sales and expand their customer base.

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