Connecting with clients is easier than ever!

HoduSoft exclusively offers Zoho phone bridge integration with HoduPBX – IP PBX Software. Whether you are handling outbound or inbound calls, this integration exceptionally improves overall business operations’ productivity and efficiency.

Outbound calls can easily be managed through Click-to-Call from Zoho CRM to HoduPBX extension and to end customers. Likewise, when an inbound call rings, the call pops up in Zoho CRM user’s screen, and the user can answer the call from the HoduPBX extension. HoduPBX allows access to call logging in Zoho CRM along with Call Analytics and Reports.



Call to potential customers through a single click and enhance the potency of the extensions.

Call Pop-ups

Call notification pop-ups on the screen that help in never refrain from attending an incoming call.

Client Information

Get an overview of clients’ details on-screen while attending a call.

Analytics and Reports

Easy access to the reports and analytics to give complete insights to the extensions.

Call Logging

Automatically log calls and record the essential details.

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