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 HODUCC – Contact Center Software

HoduCC is a FreeSWITCH based Contact Center Software that is comprehensive and consolidated at the same time. It guarantees to provide the best Call Center Software that suits best for all types of call centers. Being one of the top VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) solutions providers across the globe, HoduSoft ensures that this contact Center System offers intelligence, security and advanced features.

HoduCC has been designed in a way to make sure that the user loyalty is built and the customers’ expectations are accomplished.

Doesn’t matter what your business size is, HoduCC is most affordable Contact Center Software for small businesses as well.



Predictive Dialer

A Predictive Dialer is an ideal tool for the businesses with huge call volume. The Predictive Dialer has a functionality to anticipate when to place next call i.e. Based on the number of agents and the stipulated average talk time it adjusts its calling pattern. For e.g. If the agent’s availability is on the higher side and also the call is short, Predictive dialer dials the number more frequently. Similarly, if agents are not available or the average talk time is more, it adjusts accordingly and ensures to keep the customer on less or no hold.

Auto Dialer

Automation can be a major contributor in better resource utilization and increased productivity. The auto dialer feature of HoduCC will automate a crucial part of an outbound calling campaign in a contact center. This will fetch the leads from the database or CRM and call the number of leads as per the dial ratio. Once the call is connected, it will detect who is on the other side of the phone, a human or an answering machine or busy signal. If the system detects an answering machine or voicemail, it will be dropped at the same moment to save time and thus increase the efficiency of the dial rate.


Skill Based Mapping

Route-Calls to Right-Agent at Right-Time

Let’s take the customer’s engagement with the organizations to the next higher level.With the Skill Based routing, the customer calls will be routed to the agents with whom customer would be interested in talking to as the calls will be segmented on the basis of each agent’s skills.This makes the communication more precise and raises the accuracy level.

An assignment strategy which opts the best suited agent for the particular call instead of simply transferring it to next available agent.

WebRTC Phone

Say No to IP Phone

In corporate world utilization of work, space is a crucial part which has to be done in a way which soothes to everyone. Especially in Contact centers, small cubicles are crafted for executives where desktop, external phone, headphone and other stuff is kept, it looks so clumsy as hardly they have space to fit into it.

HoduCC has come with a solution for the businesses working in less space. Unlike, other softwares, HoduCC has inbuilt webphone which is based on WebRTC technology by Google.


Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

Streamline Call Flow

Want to streamline heavy call flow? Here comes, Advanced ACD which helps you in evenly distributing the calls among available agents by following specific strategies. Yeah! Now don’t worry about handling the calls manually, concentrate only on the performance and achieving the objectives of existence.

With these predefined protocols automatically these calls will be routed to the available agents, which avoids burden on single agent and also keeps the customer on less or not on-hold.

Real Time Analytics And Reports

For any call center, analytics and reports are very much important to measure current performance, find improvement area and improvisation. The reports play a major role in decision making. Here Real time analytics and reports can provide minute level details in real time to the supervisors and management to keep close eyes over the performance of the agents and ensure they are providing the best customer experience to the callers.






Acknowledge, Manage, Resolve

Assist the clients through email even if the agents are busy with lined up calls. HoduCC lets your agents resolve the client’s concern 24*7 even after business hours. Unlike the phone, emails offer official communication and provide a sense of confidence to the client. The agent can write customized templates based on their business process. Thus, prompt response to the clients leads to customer satisfaction.


Let your words connect

Contact Center Software is all about providing excellent services to the customers and therefore, more and more communication channels have been introduced to engage the customer. One such effective channels is “Live Chat”. HoduCC provides a ready plugin to integrate with client website to chat with customers. Not only limiting to chat, HoduCC provides facility to do a video call as well, so that customers can explain their concern in a better way. It is a great way to exponentially increase sales and customer satisfaction.


Video Call

Video Call Center Software

Every day, more and more people rely on texts, mobile messengers, and video-calling applications to communicate, and so should your contact center. Video calls put a face to the name, so to speak, enabling agents and customers to build trust and receive feedback fast. Even real-time chats cannot match the quality of face-to-face conversation. Video calls come close. Video chat can be used in various ways to improve customer experience. For instance, they can be incorporated with FAQs as visual answers on the website for getting messages across clearly. Customers will relate better if actual people are featured in the videos.


Social Media

Social Media Contact Center Software

HoduCC – Omnichannel contact center software delivers advanced social media capabilities for customer service and organizations. HoduCC is engineered with social media built-in so you can reach out, engage, monitor, and support your customers on their preferred social network with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & WhatsApp.


IVR Survey

IVR Survey is an Audio-based survey that is generally used in the Contact Centers. There are two types of IVR survey in HoduCC:

(1) Manual Survey: Once regular communication between the customer & agent is over, the agent can transfer the call to IVR Survey. IVR Survey provides a set of survey questions to the customer and the customer needs to share his/her response through DTMF.

(2) Automated Survey: HoduCC’s Survey Module will dial a customer’s number & broadcast the recorded Survey IVR, once connected. The customer needs to share his/her response through DTMF.

The Admin can check the survey summary of relevant surveys from the Survey Dashboard & Survey Report sections.

HoduCC- IVR Survey
Group 56

Quality Analysis

Quality Analysis Module

The QA (Quality Analysis) Module is an Add On module in HoduCC for ranking the agents based on their Voice Tone, Language Proficiency, Quality of query resolution or any Predefined ranking criteria for agents.

The supervisor can give the ranking to his agents in two ways:
1. During the live call: Supervisor can monitor all the live calls of the agents. During this time another option of Ranking will also be available nearby the monitor option. Thus the supervisor can give the ranking to the live agents as per the predefined ranking criteria.

2. Through recording: The Supervisor can listen to all the recordings of the agents and he can rank them according to the communication with the customers.

SMS Broadcasting Module

Simple yet effective way to Communicate.

In HoduCC, through SMS broadcasting functionality admin can create the SMS campaign and type the text which he wants to broadcast to the customers. Once the SMS campaign is created, it can be mapped with a Job and according to the Job’s time condition, SMS will be sent automatically to the customers.


HoduCC is crafted to suit contact centers needs, ensures your customers loyalty and satisfaction is achieved. Boost your sales with collaboration of HoduCC & Zoho CRM to simplify your customer calling process. Login into your Zoho CRM, tap on customer’s contact number and it connects you on the call.



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Customers Who Have Trusted Us

  • ugur-ozturk-mutlucell-ceo
    We are using HoduCC Contact Center from more than a Year now. It is stable platform for Call Center with Admin Panel & flexible customization features. Compared with other platforms HoduCC seems to be better in stability, scalability and performance.

    Pankaj Kumar IT Manager at MyCover Insurance
  • gautam-singh-dd-motors
    We have been using HoduCC and specially like the Webphone build in WebRTC. It saves cost of IP Phones. The important thing is, there is always support provided as and when required.

    Gautam Singh Project Manager at D D Motors.
  • Cody
    In searching for a premium contact center phone platform, I found the available options to be less than satisfying. After learning about HoduSoft’s product, I had several calls with their team and was given access to a demo system. I decided to move forward with trusting HoduSoft to provide the solution I wanted at an affordable price. Working with their team has been no different than working with someone officed in the same building as me. Communication and customer service is second to none. I look forward to working with HoduSoft on many more future products.

    Cody Ibanez Director of IT at Correct Solutions Group
  • HoduCC CRM application is the one point solution for a better customer service. The User Interface is smart, easy & most effectively self-explanatory. We were seeking for a multi-process architecture for our company which was seemly delivered by the HoduCC Application.

    Sumeet Bhandari Team Leader – Customer Support at BookOnSpot Travel Solution Pvt Ltd