Automatic Call Distribution

Want to streamline heavy call flow? Here comes, Advanced ACD which helps you in evenly distributing the calls among available agents by following specific strategies. Yeah! Now don’t worry about handling the calls manually, concentrate only on the performance and achieving the objectives of existence.

With these predefined protocols automatically these calls will be routed to the available agents, which avoids the burden on the single agent and also keeps the customer on less or not on-hold.

Special Features

Skill-Based Routing
Route incoming call to the specific agent and address customer query efficiently

Call Back Facility
Allow callers to choose for a callback option to reduce wait time for customers

Call Monitoring
Monitor calls to train your staff and improve customer support services

Connect Multiple Locations
Easily route calls to agents at another or remote locations

Automatic Call distribution is an efficient way to respond promptly to incoming calls by routing it to the best available agent. It enhances call response rate and call handling time, thereby improving customer satisfaction. During high call volume periods, callers can choose a callback option rather than waiting in the queue. Hence, with the systematic immediate response, you can streamline the working process.

With the dynamic routing of incoming calls, agents will be able to use their expertise in solving the queries of a caller rather than revelling in activities that are beyond their reach. Automatic Call Distribution obtains usage data like a total number of calls, time spent on each call, call waiting time, etc. The data is essential to generate various reports to make an informed decision for your business. Also, it allows managers to assess KPIs and optimize resources more productively.

Customers are always looking for prompt solutions. When you route their call to an agent who is best suited to handle their query, you can increase customer satisfaction. ACD enables skill-based routing along with the option to receive an agent call back reduces the pain of waiting in the queue. Also, you can send pre-built messages to inform the customer about the estimated wait time to the agent’s availability. Automatic Call Distribution accommodates in delivering highly responsive customer service and improves customer satisfaction.

Want to avoid burdon on your agents and improve their efficiencies? Get HoduCC for your call center of contact center business. Automatic call distribution will help you to have complete control over call flows. organizations in becoming more productive and enhances capabilities results in achieving the goals.

  • Avoid Burden
  • Enhance Efficiency
  • Increase Productivity
  • Control Over Calls
  • Immense Customer Satisfaction
  • Productive Contact Center
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