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Skill Based Routing

Skill-based Routing make sure that every call is handled by the highly appropriate call center executive. With HoduCC – Contact Center Software, you can transfer the calls to specific skilled agents, respective department OR specific team based on your predefined routing rules. When your customer gets to an agent who has the perfect skills, the problem gets solved on the first call.

This leads the agents to work more efficiently as per their forte and can come up with fruitful results and immense customer satisfaction, not only results but it boosts agent’s confidence and their morale to work harder as he is a master of a particular field.

With Skill Based routing, calls will be assigned to the best suited person as per his competency.

As each call is handled by the most skilled agent the probability of giving the solution of client concern within the first call itself will be increased which contributes in the increased first call resolution ratio.

Utilize the company’s resources in an effective manner which is a win win situation for both i.e the organization and the agent as agent will be enjoying the work they’re doing and giving the fruitful results to the organization.

Agents would be enthusiastic to do the work in which they are masters, which makes them self-reliance and more productive.

With Skill Based routing, entire call process will become sophisticated which smoothens the call flow to the desired person.

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