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Built-In CRM

HoduCC contact center software comes with a mini built-in CRM system, allowing agents to easily store, access and manage customer data without the need to switch to other applications and tools.

With the help of the mini built-in CRM, the admin can create customer groups and add custom fields to them to store all the important data related to the customers like name, address, contact details, and more. So, whenever a customer will initiate a call, the agent will be able to see all the required details via mini built-in CRM.


Platform configuration features for reseller

The platform provides exclusive configuration capabilities to resellers,
which enable them to customize and adapt to changing business needs.

Easily upload and manage
customer data:

All the customer related details can be uploaded easily in the mini built-in CRM system. The user just needs to download the sample file (CSV format), and a format will be created (based on the custom fields created by the admin) automatically in the Excel sheet. From this sheet, all the data can be imported to the customer group.

The agent can edit the data during
the live call:

The mini built-in-CRM system allows agents to edit customer information during the live call. This helps to keep all the data up-to-date. 


The mini built-in-CRM system is a customizable solution which means that the users can create customer groups and add custom fields as per their specific requirements. 

Personalized touch:

When the agent has access to customer data, he/she can communicate in a better manner and create a personalized experience for the customer. 

The integration of contact center software and mini CRM functionality into a single solution, allows organizations to streamline their customer service processes, enhance agent productivity, and deliver personalized customer experiences. 

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