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Are you ready to take your sales team’s productivity to the next level? Using a predictive dialer, like HoduCC, can be an effective tool for boosting sales in a call center or telemarketing environment.  Now say goodbye to manual dialing and embrace a smarter, data-driven approach that will revolutionize the way you make calls.

HoduCC Predictive Dialer

What is a Predictive Dialer?

Predictive Dialer Software, a type of automated dialer, is an ideal tool for businesses with huge call volumes. The Predictive Dialer has the functionality to anticipate when to place the next call. It screens out unproductive calls like answering machines and busy signals, connecting live calls to available agents. Based on the number of agents and the stipulated average talk time, the automatic dialing system adjusts its calling pattern. This way, the technology increases contact/call center efficiency and agent productivity.

For example, If the agent’s availability is on the higher side and the call is short, the predictive dialer dials the number more frequently. Similarly, if contact center agents are not available or the average call duration is longer, the predictive dialing mode adjusts accordingly and ensures that the customer is on less no-hold.


How Does HoduCC Predictive Dialer Work?


HoduCC Predictive Dialer auto-dial customer data that was uploaded to Campaign JOB Scheduler by the Hodu administrator.


When any customer connects the call, and HoduCC senses a human voice, HoduCC patches the call with the contact center agent desk.

image (97)

In a complete scenario contact center agents get only 100% connect calls.

Benefits of Predictive Dialer

Auto dialer software was originally designed with the intent to free agents from having to manually dial phone numbers. On the other hand, Predictive dialers offer several benefits for call centers and organizations that engage in outbound calling campaigns:

Increased Agent Productivity:

Predictive dialers maximize the time agents spend speaking with live prospects by automatically dialing numbers and connecting calls as agents become available. 

Call Volume Management:

Predictive dialers control the dialing rate based on agent availability and call statistics. This ensures that agents aren't overwhelmed with calls, resulting in a balanced workload.

Reduced Idle Time:

With predictive dialer, agents no longer need to manually dial numbers, listen to busy signals, or leave voicemails. They can completely focus on conversations with potential customers.

Improved Contact Ratios:

Predictive dialers filter out unproductive calls, such as answering machines and disconnected numbers, which increases the ratio of live connections to dialed calls.

Real-time Analytics:

Predictive dialers provide real-time reporting & analytics, allowing call center managers to monitor agent performance, campaign success, and other key metrics.

Efficient Lead Distribution:

Predictive dialers can intelligently route calls to the most appropriate agent based on factors like lead quality, skill set, or campaign type, leading to improved customer interactions.

Automated Call Recording:

These systems often include call recording capabilities, helping with quality assurance, training, and dispute resolution.


Predictive dialers can adapt to changing call center needs, making it easy to scale up or down as necessary without a significant overhaul of the system.

Scripting and CRM Integration:

A predictive dialer can be integrated with the CRM system, ensuring agents have the right information at their fingertips to engage with customers effectively.

Enhanced Customer Experience:

By minimizing wait times and improving agent availability, predictive dialers contribute to a better overall customer experience.

Refining Customer Connections: HoduCC Predictive Dialer’s Time-Saving Magic!

Save time and money with our predictive dialing software. It automatically dials multiple customer calls, meeting your capacity needs. Our VoIP/SIP system, HoduCC Contact Center, offers real-time analysis and supports a large number of agents. Streamline your customer calls effortlessly with our predictive dialer solution.

Increase Agent Productivity and Deliver the Best Call Experience with HoduCC Predictive Dialer Features

HoduCC’s predictive dialer allows agents to increase efficiency and customer experience by providing customers with fast and effective call service.  With a wide range of calling features that are unique & robust, and very easy to use, our predictive dialer software is designed to enhance all facets of your outbound calls campaigns. The predictive dialer software gives complete liberty to integrate additional features for future and existing requirements.
Speed up sales by connecting the right agents to the customers at the right time through predictive dialer features like-


Intelligent Call


Call Logging

image (88)

Call Transfer


Call Recording


CRM Integration



image (92)

Scripting Tools

image (93)

Callback Rules

All these features help to save agents time and allow them to focus on tasks to prioritize leads, close deals, and improve the sales process. Even during peak hours, your call center agents can manage the heavy call flow efficiently without any complexities. This, in turn, can lead to improved sales and customer satisfaction. 

Let's help you grow your business.

HoduCC Predictive Dialer : Connecting Success, Your Multimode Connection to Efficiency!

HoduCC’s easy-to-use predictive dialer software includes multiple dialing modes like predictive dialing, preview dialing, progressive dialing, Auto dialing, promotional dialing, and manual dialing modes. It efficiently increases the productivity of your sales teams and improves the campaign bottom line by automatically dialing, skipping busy signals, no-answer, and disconnected lines, optionally leaving a voice message on answering machines and–most importantly–never involving you or your agent on a call until a live person answers. 

Frequently asked questions

Hope your search for the best predictive dialer software ends here! Still, have some questions? Let’s have a look at some of the predictive dialer FAQs and their answers that provide a quick overview of key aspects related to predictive dialers.

With HoduCC predictive dialer, organizations can benefit in several ways such as better productivity, reduced idle time, and enhanced call center efficiency, resulting in more successful customer interactions.

Although the applicability of the dialer depends on specific business needs, it is suitable for all industries (e.g BFSI, Automobile, ITC, etc.) that deal with customer service including call centers, contact centers, telemarketing, insurance companies, banks, etc.

Predictive dialers use algorithms to predict call outcomes, whereas power dialers require agents to manually initiate each call.

Yes, the HoduCC predictive dialer offers CRM integration (I-frame or New tab or Click to call api) as per the client’s needs to help streamline customer data and enhance agent productivity.

Yes, the HoduCC predictive dialer is designed to support remote agents or sales team, ensuring easy access to customer data and monitoring capabilities.

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