If the contact center software is at the heart of call center operations then the skill mapped automatic call distribution (ACD) feature is the core of the software and can be leveraged to give customers a fine experience in addition to optimizing agent usage. AI is making inroads virtually everywhere and CC solutions are not immune. If you opt for AI powered ACD then your operations become so much smoother, faster and satisfactory for customers as well as agents. By taking a little trouble to configure and optimize ACD rules you can deliver an even better experience.

Skill mapping and agent availability

Setting up a simple skill mapping routine coupled to agent availability is the simplest thing but not without shortcomings. Using AI can be of help. AI analyzes performance of agents and decides who is the most capable to handle specific issues. He can certainly deliver a great experience to the caller. This, of course, depends on availability. Skill mapping may route call to another agent but, in the meanwhile, the caller has to wait in queue and that can be frustrating. This is where ACD can punch in IVR to help callers to leave a voice message or request a call back. The caller’s number, if it exists in the database, could be used to derive information about the likely topic and let an agent who has handled the caller before take on the task.

Wait time

Callers rarely get through to the agent on the first try. They may be directed into an IVR. Here again, the way the IVR is configured in the ACD- contact center software combine can result in immediate resolution if the caller’s query is simple or he can jump straight to talking with an agent with minimum wait time. Meanwhile, the agent views the caller’s data on his display and gets straight down to business instead of going through the identification routine.


A caller may feel like calling any time and it can be frustrating to hear a recorded message that working hours are over. In this case, configuring the software to divert such calls to agent’s mobile device can satisfy callers because someone has responded.


It is frustrating for agents and callers to speak in different languages. What better than to have an AI powered translator presents a translated text of the caller’s speech? A conversation is possible when language translation is present.


The automatic call distributor can also be a versatile tool for outbound calls. Intelligent dialers with a measure of AI can assign outbound calls based on agent’s skills and profile of party to be called and match them together. In this scenario the system monitors agent’s call and initiates another call when it recognizes the usual end of conversation dialogues. Agents do not have to dial numbers and they have on display data about customers they will talk with. Prioritizing calls is important and this is where AI integration into ACD can help agents make calls first that get results. Timing is just as crucial and keeping track of location as well as called party preferences can and do make a difference.