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Experience the power of Speech Analytics- An advanced technology that presents the fusion of Speech Recognition/Transcription, Sentiment Analytics, and Summarization. It helps you understand not just what people are saying but also how they feel about it. Moreover, summarize the key points of your conversation with the customers and gain better insights.
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What is Speech Analytics?

Speech analytics is an advanced technology used in contact centers to analyze voice recordings or live customer calls using speech recognition software. This technology utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to understand, analyze, and interpret human speech. 

By analyzing audio patterns and words, speech analytics software detects emotional and behavioral signals in a speaker’s voice. Contact centers agents can use this technology to generate meaningful insights and understand customer sentiment. Accordingly they can tailor their interactions to meet the exact needs and expectations of each customer. This not only leads to improved customer satisfaction but also helps enhance contact center agent’s efficiency and

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How Does Speech Analytics Work?

Speech analytics works by analyzing audio data, which can be in the form of live conversations, recorded calls, or voicemails. It converts spoken words into written text, allowing agents to identify sentiments and patterns in customer interactions. This, in turn, enables them to personalize their approach for enhanced customer engagement and faster issue resolution.
It analyzes text using natural language processing (NLP), automated speech recognition (ASR), and large language models (LLMs) to understand the context, meaning, and structure of the text.  Speech analytics comprises various techniques to ensure better compliance, insights, understanding customer behavior, analytics, and more. The key techniques include-
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Speech Recognition/Transcription

It identifies the spoken words by the agents and customers and transcribes those words into text form.

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Sentiment Analytics

Sentiment analytics is used to determine whether customers' sentiments are positive, negative, or neutral.

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For actionable insights, the summarization technique is used to extract the key points from the entire conversation.

Key Features of Speech Analytics

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Speech Recognition/Transcription :

Ensures consistently reliable speech-to-text outputs with features like-

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Accurate transcription

Speech transcription ensures exceptional performance across diverse voices, regardless of the noise level in the background.

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Supports Different Languages

Powered by ASR, speech transcription supports around 50 languages from all over the world with better accuracy.

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Get your desired outcome

Supervisors can monitor calls, identify training requirements, and deliver personalized feedback efficiently to each agent, leveraging transcribed calls as a foundation for best practice.

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Intuitive and Easy to Understand Transcripts

It ensures high-quality transcripts that are easy to understand and can be seamlessly integrated with your workflow. 

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Sentiment Analytics  :

It helps understand customers' sentiments easily with features like-

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Sentiment Analytics:

Automatically identifies and categorizes the sentiment expressed in text data as positive, negative, or neutral.

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Identifies Emotions

Sentiment analytics leverages natural language processing (NLP) techniques to identify particular emotions like happiness, satisfaction, sorrow, anger, and more based on the communication between the agent and customer.

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Contextual Analysis

Without losing the context around the sentiment, the technique ensures more accurate and precise insights of the interactions.

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Trend Analysis

With the capability to track changes in sentiment over time, sentiment analytics help agents and other users to easily identify emerging trends, sentiment shifts, or fluctuations in  customer opinions.

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Summarization  :

Extract key points from any media by automatically generating a concise summary. 

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Insightful summaries

Our innovative approach, summarization technique ensures a summary that's both accurate and concise.

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Unlimited audio duration

Now transcribe and summarize audios without limits. With our unlimited transcription and summarization capabilities, you can handle large volumes of audio data with ease.

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Auto Content Detection

Whether you need the summary in paragraph form or bullet points, the summarization technique allows you to choose the summary format according to your needs.

Benefits of Speech Analytics


Enhanced Customer Experience

Speech analytics helps analyze data from customer journeys, providing agents with a better understanding of every customer call. They are able to detect the tone of voice, sentiment, and key phrases, which helps in determining the pain points of customers as well as the key trends. This further helps in setting up behavioral remarketing campaigns, addressing issues quickly, and delivering seamless omnichannel customer experiences. 


Improved Performance

Speech analytics ensures that the agents get the most up-to-date insights on the customer journey, helping them improve their performance and issue resolution rates. With AI-driven insights, speech analytics help agents work on key performance metrics like first-contact resolution (FCR) and average handle time (AHT) and keep their productivity level high. 


Global Reach 

Since speech analytics supports around 50 languages, it helps users expand their reach and offer contact center solutions to diverse customer bases. This way, it eliminates the language barrier and helps businesses expand their global customer base without compromising on the quality of service


Valuable Insights 

Speech analytics delivers accurately transcribed conversations, offering important insights into customer behavior, preferences, pain points, and emerging trends. These insights help businesses in making the right decisions and designing the best strategies that help elevate overall customer experience. 


Performance Monitoring

By analyzing transcribed calls, supervisors can easily monitor the performance of the agents and provide personalized feedback to agents to help them work on the areas that need improvement. Using transcribed calls as a foundation for best practice, frequent training programs can also be organized to guide agents on delivering exceptional CX and enhance their overall performance. 


Intelligent Call Routing

For delivering quick resolutions and personalized customer experiences, speech analytics can be integrated with the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. This helps in understanding the accurate context of user intent and accordingly, calls can be routed to the most appropriate agent. 

Why Choose Us?

At HoduSoft, we understand that customer experience matters the most for today’s modern businesses. To help businesses understand the behavior, preferences, and key pain points of their customers, we have teamed up with Speechmatics which is known to deliver the best speech technology in the market. Speechmatics outperforms all the major Speech-text-providers, so you can be assured of the utmost accuracy and reliability of transcriptions.  

All Set to Unleash the Full Potential of Your Contact Center with The Power of Speech Analytics?

Let us help you upgrade every conversation with advanced speech analytics technology. With tools like sentiment analysis and summarization, we can help you gain deep insights into customer interactions to ensure that your contact center delivers exceptional customer experience.

Feel free to connect with our experts for more details about implementing the Speech Analytics Technology. 

Frequently asked

What is Speech Analytics?

It is a technology that converts spoken words into text and leverages various techniques such as AI, natural language processing, and sentiment analysis to analyze the context and sentiment of speech.

Well, speech Analytics offers several benefits for contact centers. It helps agents understand customer sentiments in a better manner, identify trends, and modify resolution techniques as per the patterns in conversations. Besides, it helps supervisors in monitoring the performance of their agents. In all, speech analytics technology helps contact centers improve their customer service.
All industries in the customer service field can benefit from using speech analytics technology. Some of the industries include contact centers, telecommunications, healthcare, finance, BPO, and insurance industry. 
Speech analytics is used to analyze customer interactions to determine customer behavior, preferences, common issues, trends, monitoring agent performance, and more. All these insights help businesses in enhancing their customer service. 

HoduSoft has partnered with Speechmatics, one of the most popular and reliable names for delivering the best speech technology in the market. With this partnership, you can be assured of achieving high levels of accuracy.

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