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Level up your business by delivering a seamless customer experience with the HoduCC call center software. Fast to deploy and easy to operate software that offers exceptional enterprise-grade support and security.

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    Do less, achieve more with advanced auto dialers

    Multi-tenant and Single tenant call center software solutions

    Are you wondering how to offer the best experience to your customers and answer all the queries in the least possible time? If yes, integrate our single-tenant & multi-tenant call center software and take your business operations to the next level.

    Our dedicated telecommunication product is not just the platform for call center management. Instead, it’s the gateway to offer the ultimate user experience to every caller dialing your business number aspiring to get the best resolutions.

    Use Automation Power To Bring Innovation

    Surpass Expectations With Intelligent Calling Processes

    Based on state-of-the-art technology, our call center management software brings transparency and accuracy to all calling channels. Go from zero to hundreds in a single leap with our software, keeping your customers informed and updated about their concerns.

    Build new communication channels and strengthen the existing ones with our software features like automated IVR call center software, VoIP Call center software, automatic call distribution, call support software, and many more.

    Enhance Customer Experience With Intuitive Support

    Drive better productivity, operational efficiency, and experience by adopting smart workflows that keep your agents and customers happy. Push boundaries by connecting all the dots in customer calling processes through cutting-edge call center dialer software, customer service call center software, IVR, and robust reporting metrics. Enable real-time decision-making with immediate updates to acknowledge and exchange information as it happens.

    • Predictive Dialer
    • Multi-level IVR
    • Call Recording
    • WebRTC Phone
    • WFH Features

    Key Aspects of HoduCC Call Support Software

    Predictive Dialer

    Leverage your business with our predictive dialer call center software and tap the power of algorithms to make calls based on customer preferences and behavior. We have re-created the definition of "PREDICTION," so your business will take the hit– but in a good way.

    Preview Dialer

    Wondering who the customer is or what their problem is? Don't know if the concerned issue is generic or technical? No matter what your questions are, we are here for you. With our web-based call center software, you can preview all the customer details stored in the database before making the call.

    Progressive Dialer

    Achieve superior customer engagement benefits with the help of the latest progressive dialers. With fewer chances of call abandonment, no more putting the caller on hold, as waiting is something this digital platform has forgotten. With our call center dialer systems, your business can build better connections with customers providing better real-time interactions and solutions.

    WebRTC Phone

    Our hosted call center software integrated with the WebRTC Phone feature will ease your customer interaction process and improve customer experience. Enjoy the add-on benefit of reduced hardware cost. In addition, enabling secure individual communication channels offering optimal assurance to your users and well-maintained privacy can improve your business reputation.

    Auto Dialer

    Thanks to our innovative call center auto dialers with dial ratio, the system just diverts the call to the next available agent. Switch to a time-saving and simpler outbound dialing solution. With auto-dialers in our software, gather data you may utilize later to link consumers to the appropriate agents more quickly.

    Call Recording

    The calls can be recorded easily for future reference, and knowing the customer's thoughts and several other attributes could improve the business efficiency further.

    Multilevel IVR

    With customizable and multilingual IVR menus, set the instructions as per your business, scale the menu with modified business operations, and let callers pick the executive for their problems.

    Real-Time Analytics & Reports

    Our call support software is backed by technology and generates accurate analytics and reports in no time. Let data speak for itself and extract as much information as possible before concluding. Moreover, with a robust and easy reporting system, our call center management software has enabled real-time dashboards for admins and supervisors to access information quickly. It will further help them to act swiftly when needed.

    Inbuilt CRM

    HoduCC call center application software comes with inbuilt CRM tools to improve the quality of customer interaction. Our user-friendly CRM tools let you easily upload customer details and maintain data. With this CRM call center, all the data becomes readily available to agents/supervisors on just a call pop-up with the added benefit of custom parameters.

    Ticket Management

    Manage support requests more effectively with ticket management. Keep the support system organized and effective by creating, updating, transferring, and notifying customers of their tickets via Email. This easy ticket management system also helps manage categories and dispositions for quicker solutions.


    APIs (Application Programming Interface) help move data between customers and the support network. Its automation in HoduCC call center software will take the quality of customer support to a higher level. Additionally, multiple APIs are created for easy configuration, integration, and data maintenance for third-party systems.

    Remote Agent

    Thanks to our remote agent service, you can work seamlessly from anywhere

    In-built WebRTC Phone

    We ease the process of customer interaction and assistance with our web-based call center software available with audio and video call management systems.

    Browser Based

    Our call center software program utilizes browsers for better use and faster connections.

    Call Forwarding To Mobile

    The communication channels can be configured to be forward onto dedicated mobile numbers.

    Call-Bridging-50 (1)
    Call Bridging

    Improve communication through efficiently connecting agents to customers and vice versa.

    Call Recording

    Maintain high-quality standards of customer services through the call center software's call recording facility.

    Highly Secure

    Our security protocols make the communication channels fully secured. Interact with your customers and deliver the best assistance through strong password policy configurations, Access Control List, and IP access restrictions.

    Inbound call

    Use our Inbound call center software to handle the callers and answer their queries at the earliest via inbuilt CRM/Ticketing.

    Outbound call

    Handle large call volumes seamlessly with various HoduCC Outbound call center software daily without sacrificing quality.

    Why Choose HoduCC Call Center Software for Your Business?

    If you are thinking why HoduCC should be your first-ever choice in contact center solutions space, then here are some of the genuine reasons:

    • HoduCC is a feature-rich solution for insurance companies.
    • It allows workflow automation in insurance starting from lead generation and online application to verification and policy issuance.
    • It lets insurance companies track customer data like customer credentials, transactional amounts, legal agreement data, etc.
    • It facilitates real-time data exchanges between agents, brokers, and other users.
    • It helps in effectively managing operations and customer relations in a go.
    • It helps in reducing overall costs by cutting down the extra hours of operations, streamlining processing operations, and allowing employees to work more efficiently.
    • It includes tailor-made features that suits your business requirements.
    • It’s attractive and seamless user experience.

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    Frequently asked questions

    Everything you need to know about the product and software. Can’t find the answers you’re looking for?

    Yes, you can use HoduCC’s Click-2-Call API, which can be used with third party integrations.

    Yes, HoduCC has WebPhone API which can be used for integrations to make and receive calls directly from the 3rd party CRM.

    Yes, HoduCC has integration with Cepstral for TTS. You can purchase the license from Cepstral to use it with HoduCC.

    Yes, HoduCC has Google Single Sign-On feature which can be enabled for Admin, Tenant, Supervisor and Agent level.

    Yes, HoduCC supports the customer import facility Admin can create the custom fields to accommodate customer details.

    HoduCC can generate tickets automatically for email and social media interactions (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, Telegram for Business). The HoduCC users can create tickets manually for Call, Chat, SMS and also for Email, Telegram & Social Media.

    As an omnichannel contact center software, HoduCC supports all the popular social media channels.
    • Facebook – Post/Comments and Messenger requests
    • Instagram – Post/Comments requests
    • Twitter – Direct Message requests
    • WhatsApp – Inbound chat request from customers to WhatsApp Business Account and Agent can send one to one Outbound WhatsApp to customer based on the pre-approved template(s) from WhatsApp
    • Telegram – One-to-one chat requests
    No, the billing module is not available with HoduCC. However, with HoduCC you can export CDR’s and use them with third  party billing. Call detail API is available for 3rd party integration.
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