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How to Reduce Customer Wait Times to Increase the Efficiency of Contact Centers?

As technology is evolving, the expectations of customers are also growing a lot. It has given them the power of convenient shopping and quick gratifications. Hardcore competition has spoilt them for choice, and their experience has also metamorphosed. So, contact centers need to be more conscious than ever before. They need to offer services to a level that matches the expectations of today’s customers. Most importantly, contact centers need to be more intentional about reducing customer wait times. Here, omnichannel contact center software can assist them in effectively managing call volume and reducing average call time in the queue.

What is the average time in the queue?

The average time in the queue is the amount of time your customers need to wait until your agent answers their call. It is an essential call center KPI. Customers who face lengthy wait times are more likely to abandon calls or may never call back. As per a report, about 73% of customers quit the purchase if they have to wait longer than 5 minutes. Therefore, call center managers should always try to keep the average time in the queue as low as possible.

Best ways to reduce customer wait times

Here are some of the best ways to reduce customer wait times:

  • Optimize call queue configuration:

    It is essential to make sure your IVR is set up intuitively. Smart IVR contact center software helps callers to get through the prompts faster and to the correct queue.
  • Empower your agents to analyze their call queue:

    Encourage your agents to create adjustments to their interactions with callers to improve their KPIs.
  • Implement customer-centric advanced featured call center software:

    Implement a modern contact center software that can help you and your staff to meet the requirements of your customers.
  • Provide clear and moderate information to customers:

    Make sure to provide clear and sensible information to your customers to assist them in evaluating their wait time. This will ease their level of anxiety. 

How can HoduCC – contact center software assist in reducing customer wait times?

HoduCC is a comprehensive and consolidated contact center software and is compatible with all kinds of call/contact centers. It comes with advanced features and security. HoduCC is designed to maintain user loyalty and fulfill customers’ expectations.

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HoduCC contact center software allows agents to offer personal and productive phone support within an omnichannel customer journey. This multi-channel contact center software assists them in solving customer problems quickly, measuring, and enhancing call support operations. HoduCC efficiently accommodates the expanding requirements of sales and support teams and their end-users. Moreover, it increases client satisfaction, cost-effectiveness, and productivity.

Key Highlights of HoduCC contact center software

Here are the Key Highlights of HoduCC contact center software.


It is an ideal tool for businesses with substantial call volumes.


It segregates agents based on their skills and capabilities and transfers the calls to the most appropriate agent.


It helps to distribute calls among available agents using specific strategies.


HoduCC has an inbuilt web phone based on WebRTC technology.


It schedules the calls and automatically dials the call as per the schedule.


It comes with sturdy single-tenant and multi-tenant contact center software features.


HoduCC has multi-tenant IVR smart functions and calls flow design.


The real-time analysis feature permits call center managers to monitor and analyze all customer interactions.

Features of HoduCC Call Center Software

Some of the advanced contact center software features offered by HoduCC include: 

  • Real-time analytics
  • DID Management
  • Call Transfer
  • Advanced Dialers
  • Sticky agent
  • Campaign management
  • DNC control
  • Call conference and others.

HoduCC as inbound call center software

HoduCC is a web-based inbound call center software. It provides a suite of core inbound call center technologies that includes ACD with universal queuing for multimedia contacts and skill-based routing and IVR with self-serve options.

HoduCC as outbound call center software

HoduCC is the perfect solution for outbound call center software for businesses with large volumes of outgoing calls. You can also manage call requests, generate high-quality leads, and motivate agents.

HoduCC as omnichannel contact center software

HoduCC contact center management software helps in improving productivity by promoting business communication.


Managing waiting time is the tricky part, but the uncertainty of it is even more frustrating. Contact centers should be more sensitive about this and work toward providing a transparent service. An omnichannel contact center software can be the best solution to reduce waiting time. HoduCC is one of the best contact center software with various advanced features. This contact center automation software is designed to help businesses resolve customers’ issues and automate customer interactions via different communication channels. Some of these channels include audio or video calls, emails, SMS, chats, and social media platforms. To know more about HoduCC or to get a demo, connect with HoduSoft’s professional team and let’s help you grow your business.

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