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On-Demand Webinar: Omni Channel Experience

On-Demand Webinar: How Omni Channel Experience can enhance Customer Engagement?

Ultimate customer service is the key to business growth and out beat market competition. Whether you are handling a small business or an enterprise, customer engagement is the key. Once your business delivers a satisfying customer experience, it can easily improve sales and ROI. Besides, you never know which channel customers like to connect with your business. So opt for the omnichannel approach to expand business reach. 

Recently, HoduSoft responded to the clients’ request to explain how the omnichannel contact center can deliver a seamless user experience. Consequently, we had organized a live webinar on omnichannel experience that can enhance customer engagement. The event took place on Jun 25, 2020, 5 PM – 5:45 PM (IST).

HoduSoft is one of the leading VoIP communication products companies having customers in 30 countries spread across 6 continents. The webinar comprehensively explains how HoduCC – omnichannel contact center software helps in delivering enhanced customer engagement. Businesses can now offer improved customer services via enhancing customer engagement and interaction through modern channels like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp for Business, Instagram, Live Chat, SMS, Email, Voice, Video all on a single screen.

We are thankful to our experts to disseminate their specialist knowledge:


Nirav Suthar, Team Lead, Pre Sales


Gaurang Upadhyay, Senior Manager, Business Development

The event incorporated: 

  • Detailed information on Call Center Software vs. Contact Center Software
  • A comprehensive overview of HoduCC (omnichannel contact center software) and its features
  • The reasons for customers moving from voice to nonvoice
  • Choosing the best ways to offer better customer interaction and experience 
  • Strategies that help in increasing customer engagement via Omni Channel Contact Center

The event was attended by the Call / Contact Center managers, ITSP’s / ISP’s, System Integrators, Resellers, Unified Communication IT consultants, and many more. Each participant has gained an insight into the subject matter. Also, they embrace an opportunity to ask one-one questions to clarify their doubts and enhance their knowledge.

The live webinar explained the ways to ensure unified communication with potential customers. The event presented how HoduCC- omnichannel contact center software offers all-inclusive ways to enhance customer engagement. From social media integration to email and voice, it supports multiple channels for communication. It not only helps in connecting with the customers but also improves the productivity of your agents. 

For HoduSoft, it was a great experience to share knowledge with the live audience. And, the host explained every minute point in detail with appropriate clarification. At last, we appreciate the clients and partners who have raised the demand to understand the omnichannel contact center software. Also, we are also thankful for all participants and our team to make this live webinar successful. 



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