Top Multi-tenant IP PBX Features VoIP Providers Looking for in 2018 admin December 13, 2017
Top Multi-tenant IP PBX Features VoIP Providers Looking for in 2018
Multi-tenant IP PBX Features

Top Multi-tenant IP PBX Features VoIP Providers Looking for in 2018

At the advent of year 2018, as a VoIP service provider you may wonder, which IP PBX software features are going to be a game changer in terms of driving more business. Multi-tenant IP PBX software solution offers a host of features but a few noteworthy properties can remain more useful than others for your customers, and you can bank on them to grow your business in coming years.

Here are a few chosen ones from over 60 features of multi-tenant IP PBX software that you should look for in 2018 and beyond for making your corporate clients happy and boosting revenues:

Pickup features

  1. Call Park is a useful feature for your enterprise customers who have multiple offices in more than one floors, and most of the areas of the building have access to one or more telephone sets. It allows the user to put a call on hold at one telephone set and continue the conversation from another telephone set. If, for some reason, a person has to go to another office during an ongoing conversation, call parking enables the person to continue the conversation from the another office.
  2. Call Pick-up feature enables your customers to answer someone else’s call. For example, if a colleague’s telephone is ringing in their absence, one can answer that call by picking up one’s own set without going to the colleague’s desk through using the call pick-up feature. This feature is particularly useful for your corporate clients who have either large offices or a fewer staff than telephone sets.
  3. If the call pickup is used in workgroup settings, the feature is said as group call pickup. It is specifically useful for the customers who have to attend the customer’s inquiries in bulk. When a pickup group member receives a call, any other group member can answer the call in their absence.

Call forwarding rules

Various call forwarding rules are set in the advanced IP PBX software for bringing flexibility. It is useful for routing calls to some other destination, on the basis of some reasons like busy, no-answer, absent/unavailable, time and shift-based forward, and the like. You can also come up with a customized call forwarding rules in an IP PBX software as per your enterprise customers’ communication requirements with our quality customization services.

Tenant wise features

The multi-tenant IP PBX software can offer you many tenant-based features that can satisfy your customers while assisting them in growing their business. You can have features like phone book, speed dialing configuration, recording, and Music on Hold (MoH) for multiple tenants. You should also look for both blacklist and whitelist features for prospective tenants.


Well, these many advanced features should not up to your satisfaction for the coming years, and you need to find a futuristic multi-tenant IP PBX software solution that has many add-ons.

These days, as the enterprises strive for establishing unified communication at their workplace, you need to offer an IP PBX software with multiple add-ons for supporting various communication devices. A few of the addons you require are webphone add-on, fax to email and vice versa, APIs integration, and mobile apps for both Android and iOS platforms.

The year 2018 brings new expectations in the domain of IP PBX software. All you need to find a developer who can integrate every feature you require along with a seamless performance.

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