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top 10 essential call center software features

Top 10 Essential Call Center Software Features for 2023

In order to provide superior customer service and enhance customer satisfaction, businesses need to have a seamless call center operation. With the help of call center software features, businesses can easily track, monitor, manage, and route phone calls. However, businesses that deal with a large volume of calls must employ sophisticated call center software to manage their daily operations. The software is designed to assist call centers in multiple ways. It synchronizes the process of tracking, managing, and routing incoming and outgoing telephone calls plus route calls to the most appropriate agent. It also facilitates call monitoring and recording services for quality assurance purposes.

Key Features of Call Center Software

Below mentioned are some of the essential features to look forward to in 2021, have a look:

Predictive Dialer

A predictive dialer is an important feature of a call center software solution that enables agents to connect with the call as soon as they become available to take the next call. By predicting the average call answer time and agent availability, the predictive dialer modifies the dialing rate. Predictive dialer works efficiently in reducing agent/customer wait time or call drop ratio. It optimizes call center operations and improves productivity wherein calls are connected to agents only when the customer picks up the call. Some of the key benefits of implementing a smart predictive dialer are higher call connect ratio, multiple dialing modes, contextual reach out, and improved agent efficiency.

Preview Dialer

A preview dialer is another important feature that allows agents to review customers’ details before approaching them. The gathered information helps agents in serving better services to their potential customers. Whether it’s about scheduling appointments, sending reminders, or calling prospective customers, the dialer helps simplify the whole communication process for call center operations. Some of the key benefits of a preview dialer include one-click dialing, better conversion rate, improved agent performance, personalized communication, etc.

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Progressive Dialer

The progressive dialer is a system that works with the intent to reduce call abandonment rate and downtime. As soon as an agent is available, the progressive dialer makes a call to the agent and then dials to the customer. Some of the key benefits of progressive dialer are Better efficiency, improved agent productivity, higher contact rates, Incremental ROI, Reduced missed calls, etc.

WebRTC Phone

WebRTC phone allows for click-to-call communications through multiple browser support. With WebRTC phones, customers need not search the website to find the right number to call. They just need to click on a button to place calls directly from a company’s web page. Some of the key benefits of WebRTC phones are easy connectivity or routing of calls, real-time performance accessibility, call recording, secure communications, etc.

Auto Dialer

Also known as a power dialer, an Auto dialer is an outbound call center software system that helps to dial out a set of contacts automatically. The dialer assures a modernized and scalable approach for the outbound calling process and allows users to perform custom management depending on the call flow; play a greeting, ask for an IVR input, and more. Some of the key benefits of auto dialer are enhanced operational efficiency, improved lead generation ratio, real-time monitoring, etc.

Call Recording

The feature facilitates real-time call recording to help improve customer services. Calls can be recorded while agents are conversing with potential customers. The recorded calls can be placed securely on the server and can be retrieved when required. The feature facilitates monitoring agents’ performance and ensuring optimal customer service. Key benefits of this feature include quickly retrieving missed information, reviewing agents’ performance, increasing customer satisfaction, etc.

Multi-Level IVR

Multi-level IVR for call center phone system helps to streamline the call handling process. IVR is multilingual and enables customers to connect with the appropriate agents at any time regarding their queries. Additionally, the multi-level IVR allows adding multiple menus for call centers. Callers can choose an option from audio menus and connect to the most appropriate department or agent. Its benefits include improved operational efficiency, enhanced lead conversion ratio, better customer experience, etc.

Real-Time Analytics & Reports

The feature helps in accumulating the important data of a call center business. It generates various reports that help in making well-versed decisions. The real-time insights help to empower call center business operations. The benefits of this feature include increased visibility through a 360° view of interactions, boost conversion rates, reduced agent churn, enhanced customer services, etc.

WFH Features

WFH or Work from Home features allows call center agents to work seamlessly from anywhere and run the business operations smoothly. It is comprised of features like an inbuilt WebRTC phone, browser-based, call forwarding to mobile, call bridging, call recording, and a highly secured system.

IVR & Agent Survey

IVR and Agent survey feature presents a set of survey questions to get feedback from potential customers. As soon as the conversation between an agent and a customer is over, the agent can transfer the call for the IVR survey or even run a campaign for the survey.

On the whole, call center software with innovative features helps call center businesses to improve their agent’s productivity, improve customer service, boost efficiency, and ultimately increase ROI.

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