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How important are auto dialers for call center software

How important are auto dialers for call center software

The pace of technological change in the last few years has been astounding. We have come a long way from the ‘no internet’ and ‘intermittent internet’ connection era. For businesses to generate sales leads, the erstwhile channels of in-person meets or phone calls have become a passe now. Online lead generation techniques are the most popular means of generating leads and cutting laborious tasks. Productivity is the new mantra for businesses. 

With stiff competition and shrinking profits, companies are now finding clever ways to generate sales leads without exhausting their most precious resource employees. Rather than making thousands of phone calls manually, they adopt a smarter way of doing things. One of the ways to carry out the humongous task of outreach is engagement with prospects in a systematic manner through Auto Dialers. If you’re wondering what an Auto Dialer is here is a simple definition for you.

An auto dialer is a software that automates the phone calling process by automatically dialing each number from the list.

Inundated with an exhaustive call list, auto-dialers can make customer service agents’ tasks easier, they can then focus on meaningful customer conversations. At the end of the day, every company will concur that customer experience matters the most.

The road and path: How customer experience and auto-dialer are related? 

Let us work backward here. For decades, companies have been focusing on the textbook definition of service— viewing it as a necessary evil for business. The length of service calls accounted for a productivity metric. In all this, the focus on customer service quality is often overlooked. However, everything has gone topsy-turvy in the last two years. Today, every brand realizes that customer experience is the engine of growth.

Research by Deloitte found that experiences that are most likely to build or break customer trust and loyalty are customer service interactions—especially those with human representatives of the brand. And we’ve found that the quality of service interactions is the most effective predictor of customer lifetime value.

From cost center to experience hub | Deloitte Digital
From cost center to experience hub | Deloitte Digital

This is also where the Auto Dialer fits right in. The software brings efficiency by letting the customer service agents focus on ongoing customer interactions rather than getting caught up in clerical tasks.

An Auto Dialer: How it works like a charm

As stated above, the Auto Dialer software works by automating the outbound calling for a call center. They are useful in eliminating repetitive tasks. For instance an admissions office of an educational organization. The customer call center agent needs to make an inquiry for admission and guide students to the right channel so the lead conversion takes place. An auto dialer simplifies this repetitive process by eliminating the need to dial each number.

The steps are as follows: 

  1. The call agent just clicks to select the phone list. 
  2. Auto dialer initiates calling the numbers one by one. 
  3. If the auto dialer encounters, an answering machine, or voice mail for the incoming calls then it moves to the next number on the list. 
  4. If a customer or a prospect answers the call then the customer service agent receives alerts and he can take it. 

Key auto dialers used in the industry:

  • Predictive dialer

A predictive dialer is an automated dialing system for outbound calls that dials multiple numbers from the customer contact list. The dialer can automatically cut time-consuming tasks. This list includes calls being directed to voicemail, no phone response, busy phone signals, unusable or disconnected numbers, and so on. If someone answers a call on the other end then, the dialer then connects it to an appropriate agent. It helps in the following ways:

  • Better time management by automated dialing
  • Improved productivity by reducing call connection time
  • Efficient management of leads with inbuilt lead management software 
  • Callbacks can be easily scheduled and managed based on the call patterns and the availability of the agents
  • Music/Message on-Hold as this dialing software supports music and pre-recorded greeting messages 
  • Real-time call monitoring the call center agents get the appropriate data about the caller that helps them to make better conversations.
  • Standardized report generation is an extremely beneficial tool for the financial services sector that generates detailed data on calls and agents.

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  • Preview dialer

It lets agents view comprehensive details about the customers before calling them.  It helps in driving better conversion rates through personalized communication and informed guidance. Agents feel empowered, which improves operational efficiency leading to zero downtime.

  • Progressive dialer

Progressive dialer, as the name suggests connects to the next customer after the agent completes the previous call and is available to talk to the next customer in line. It helps to reduce call abandonment in the process making it an efficient solution for communication with premium customers.

These are the three most used call center dialers that automate outbound calling. 

Some advantages of auto dialer


Auto dialers bring efficiency and increase the productivity of the call center agents. They assist the customer service agents by routing only the answered calls to them, so they can focus on customer engagement.

Reduced Time

When a sales team member calls the customer manually by viewing the excel sheet and past conversation record, they are likely to prep up for the call even if the call goes unanswered. However, an auto dialer reduces the wait time for the agent, which he may incur on customer response or voicemail. Auto dialer only routes the call when it recognizes a human voice at the other end.

Lead conversion

Sales teams generally focus on cold calling to generate better and more qualified leads. Manual dialing leads to the loss of valuable time on busy tones, voicemails, and answering machines. This brings down productivity as agents are not gainfully utilizing their time. Auto dialers help to bring back the focus, increasing the chances of higher closure.

Improves Reputation

When your prospects and existing customers believe that your team has effective communication, they entrust your services. Automatic dialing shows real-time customer data that can help the call agents to communicate in detail about the issues your customer or prospect has. Hence, this improves the reputation of the organization.

Enforces Standardization

Quality matters the most whether it is related to your product or service or the communication mediums. The communication that takes place without auto-dialers may vary from agent to agent as one agent might not be aware of the past conversation. But, auto-dialers can form standardization for the quality of communication among all the agents.

Optimized Dial Rate

Auto dialers dial the call and detect how the call is answered. If the call is answered, it routes the call to the agent. But, if the call is answered through voicemail or answering machines, it automatically declines the call leading to a better dial rate.

Higher ROI

With little investment into automating you can gain more due to an increase in the talk time and more qualified leads. 

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