How Important Are Auto Dialers?

Earlier, there was no Internet. So, the only way to generate leads, make sales and generate revenues was to call the prospects and conduct physical meetings. Also, there was a support professional was hired that receives the customer queries over the call and help them with their issues with the products/services of an enterprise.

But, now the technology has evolved in a such a way that generating leads online over the Internet is more easy and convenient. But, what about improving the customer services? Customer services can really be worked through the contact center software. One of the best feature of the contact center software is the Auto Dialer.

Now, What is an Auto Dialer?

Auto Dialer is an excellent feature of the contact center software that automatically dials a number for the call center agent.

How Does an Auto Dialer Works?

Auto dialer software works as automating the outbound calling campaigns for a call center. Let’s understand how does it work:

The call agent will need to select the database from which the outbound calls need to be made. Then, the auto dialer will initiate with calling the no. of customers based on the dial ratio. There are chances that the customer has incorporated an answering machine or voicemails for the incoming calls. So, if the auto dialer recognizes that the answered call has the human at the other end, then only the call is routed to the call agent.

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How Auto Dialers are Important for an Enterprise?

Now that we have understood how auto dialers work. Let’s understand how they are extremely important for your enterprise:

Automated It Is

As we discussed earlier, auto dialer itself means dialing the numbers automatically. As we all know, we always find the ways to automate our business processes in order to save manual efforts to a great extent.

Reduced Time

When a sales team calls the customers by manually looking their details into the Excel sheets and their past conversation details, they will dial the number and would have the communication if the call has been picked up. If not, the amount of studying the past data and waiting for the call to be picked up, is wasted.

But, with auto dialers, the time to wait for a customer to respond or to listen to their voicemail, is saved. Auto dialers only routes the call when a human voice is recognized by it.

More Sales

Why we have our sales team to focus on cold calling? Because we often believe that more calling leads to more sales.

When we waste our valuable time and efforts listening busy tones, voicemail or the answering machines, we miss the opportunity to reach to the next level of communication. But, with auto dialers, our time can be focused and utilized more on the real people rather than on the answering machine. Thus, it increases the chances of more closures.

Improved Brand Reputation

When your prospects and existing customers believe that your team has an effective communication, they entrust your products/services. Automatic dialing shows real-time customer data that can help the call agents to communicate in detail about the doubts/issues your customers/prospects has. Hence, improves the brand reputation.

Enforced Standardization

Quality matters the most whether it is related to your products/services or the communication mediums. The communication that takes place without auto dialers may variate from agent to agent as one agent might not be aware of the past conversation. But, auto dialers can form standardization for the quality of communication among all the agents.

Increased Workforce Productivity

Auto dialers dial the calls automatically, show the real-time customer previous data, saves the agent’s time, etc. With all these tasks, the productivity of the call agents improves as they are now more focused towards productive tasks like improving the communication in a way to get more closures.

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Optimized Dial Rate

Auto dialers dials the call and detects how the call is answered. If the call is answered through a human, it routes the call to the agent. But, if the call is answered through voicemail or answering machines, it will drop the call. This is how it optimizes the dial rate.

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Justified ROI

With such less investment into the call center software which comes with auto dialing feature, there are such benefits involved like increase in the talk time and more business. Thus, justifies the ROI of the enterprise.

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