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HoduPBX Won Internet Telephony Excellence Award 2020

HoduPBX Multi-Tenant Software won the Internet Telephony Excellence Award 2020

We are proud to proclaim that HoduPBX is honored Internet Telephony Excellence Award 2020 for delivering an exceptional IP communication solution by Internet Telephony magazine. Since 1998, INTERNET TELEPHONY magazine has been the IP Communications Authority. And, receiving the award from such reputed incorporation is a credit for HoduSoft.  The Internet Telephony magazine is TMC’s one of the most popular publication. TMC’s content-driven marketplaces help buyers make the best purchase decisions through unbiased reviews about telephony solutions worldwide. 

Since the inception of the company, HoduSoft aims at to design and develop software that empowers business communication. Whether there are requirements to handle a massive call volume or streamline the communication process, we create and deliver the best possible solution ever. Our innovative software solutions for communication ensure high performance, stability, and other minute details like UI/UX. 

The award allotted to HoduPBX is because of the software’s outstanding quality and its fantastic, measurable, tangible results for its users. HoduPBX is multi-tenant IP PBX Software that offers opportunities for ITSPs (Internet Telephony Service Providers), ISPs (Internet Service Providers), Hosted PBX Service Providers, and Telecoms to provide the industry-best hosted PBX services. 

The software is designed with the ultimate aim to streamline the communication process and offer a hassle-free experience to the users. It provides a wide range of features to promote a smooth communication process. HoduPBX’s key functionality incorporates multi-tenant support, real-time analytics, audio conference, LCR (Least Call Routing), BLF & Presence, auto-provisioning, payment gateway integration, prepaid & postpaid billing, payment gateway integration, and many more. Additionally, this multi-tenant IP PBX Software presents add-on features like Queue monitoring, Reseller module, SMS, and Voice transcription. These add-on functionalities are designed with the ultimate aim to aid businesses in achieving flourishing success. For instance, through a personalized SMS broadcasting campaign, companies can run a specialized marketing campaign to attract and retain more customers. Likewise, queue monitoring collects information for the call status and agent status during a different times. 

HoduPBX is developed with the capabilities of handling 1000+ concurrent calls and 10,000+ extensions on a single server. Hence, businesses with an extensively large volume of calls can efficiently run their operations. Briefly, this software improves productivity by streamlining business communication. Also, it helps in enhancing core operations and improving ROI. The other amenity of HoduPBX includes product customization, unlimited tenants, attractive UI/UX, and many more. 

Apart from HoduPBX, HoduSoft offers many other VoIP software that includes HoduCC for contact centers and call centers, HoduBlast to acknowledge SMS & Voice broadcasting needs, and HoduConf – a complete conferencing solution. Depending upon the business requirements and industry verticals, we deliver the best-in-class VoIP solutions for businesses. Till now, we have served more than 32 countries. 6 continents along with 200+ customers. We focus on customer-centric yet user-friendly software solutions that help in boosting business growth.  Get in touch with us to know more about designing and developing customized VoIP software that promotes business communication. Let’s connect now!

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