Why Your Outbound Call Center Will Find Intelligent Auto Dialer Software Invaluable for Campaigns admin July 20, 2020
Why Your Outbound Call Center Will Find Intelligent Auto Dialer Software Invaluable for Campaigns
Dialer Software for Call Center

Why Your Outbound Call Center Will Find Intelligent Auto Dialer Software Invaluable for Campaigns

Throughput with excellent results matters a lot, especially for call centers. When a contact center takes up an outbound campaign, its reputation and future work depend on just how speedily and effectively its agents can deliver positive leads. The contact center software plays a crucial role and within the software, the intelligent Auto Dialer literally the gateway to efficiency and productivity.

Keeping track of agent activity

A vanilla dialer in call center software usually does its work mechanically. These days you can have an intelligent Auto Dialer that monitors and track agent activity. If you have a pool of 15 agents working on a campaign you can assign the dialer the task of monitoring how much average time each agent spends on each call and thus be able to decide to start dialing the next number in the list and keep the call ready by the time an agent has finished. Monitoring helps the AI-powered autodialer to place outbound calls and keep agents busy but not overburdened.

Spread the load

Dialers for call centers help to evenly spread the load between agents. The normal way would be for supervisors to assign a specific number of calls per agent and let them work through the list. Some will work faster and complete work and then sit idle. Some agents will be slow either due to extended conversation with one target customer or another reason. Intelligent Auto Dialer helps to spread the load by detecting when the agent is about to finish a call and dialing out a number. Once it is connected it goes to the agent if he is free or to someone else who is free.

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High connect rates

For agents to convert calls to leads they must get through to people, not answering machines! It is frustrating for agents to manually dial a number only to find it busy or to get an answering machine. Thankfully, a smart auto dialer in call center software do it for you. The dialer for the call center dials a number and detects if it is an answering machine in which case it leaves a text message.

If it is a human being who responds, the agent speaks and possibly converts targets to customers. Gone are the frustration and dissatisfaction that agents experience when they dial and do not get through. Productivity increases three-fold. The smart dialer also has an automatic retry configuration. If someone does not respond then it will skip to the next number instead of keeping an agent waiting while it tries to connect. You can also configure the autodialer to attempt to contact non-responding numbers after a specified period.

Time it right

One of the worst mistakes that can be committed during outbound campaigns or as part of customer service is to call a person at the wrong time. Inevitably, the call will be cut off. Smart autodialers can be configured with ease to schedule calls at certain times when you assume the target is most likely to listen and respond. If it is a customer, then such customers will be able to talk at leisure. If it is a potential target, you will receive better attention and response. This likely translates to leads and conversion, which, ultimately, is the goal of call center outbound campaigns.

The dialer for the call center does not work in isolation. It integrates with an automatic call distributor and skill-based mapping feature of the call center software. With a smart solution like the contact center software from Hodusoft, you have the luxury of agilely adjusting various parameters to keep outbound calls streaming in a smooth flow, the load spread across all agents.

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