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7 ways how omnichannel analytics in contact center can improve your cx

7 Ways How Omnichannel Analytics In Contact Center Can Improve Your CX

The customer experience (CX) has become a key differentiator in driving business success. 73% of consumers have admitted that CX influences their purchasing decision. What do modern customers imply by good customer service experience? Greater convenience, faster resolution, and consistency. Today, businesses have opened multiple communication channels for greater convenience and speed. However, consistency is still a challenge. An omnichannel customer engagement software is the best solution to overcome this challenge. 

An omnichannel contact center software empowers the business with multi-channel integration to deliver consistent CX across every channel. Along with the software comes omnichannel analytics to further enhance the strategic planning of businesses. So, what is it? How does it level up your customer service? Read on to gain more insights on omnichannel analytics.

What is omnichannel analytics?

Omnichannel analytics is a powerful feature of omnichannel contact center software. It gathers data from all the conversations occurring through communication channels such as email, social media, voice calls, live chats, etc. Compiling data from all the channels creates customer profiles. Additionally, it analyzes the data to produce easy-to-interpret reports. 

An omnichannel contact center seamlessly converges conversations when the user switches from one channel to another or one device to another. Similarly, omnichannel analytics assembles the data from all the communication channels to drive actionable insights. It offers a win-win situation for both customers and businesses.

Omnichannel analytics can be leveraged for the following business operations:

  • Optimize supply chain
  • Make inventory management swifter and easier
  • Design a data-driven marketing strategy
  • Streamline store operations
  • Enhance merchandising

Let’s take a closer look into it to understand how it has become a value-centric addition for today’s businesses.

Role of omnichannel analytics in business

Omnichannel analytics play different roles in helping businesses provide improved customer service resulting in sales. Here are some pointers that enable you to understand the essence of this feature.

  • Unification of platforms:

Businesses use multiple communication channels as well as several other software to streamline their business operations. Handling multiple software and channels individually becomes a hassle in the absence of omnichannel contact center software. It integrates all the tools and channels to create a unified platform. Similarly, omnichannel analytics enhances the visibility of analytics of all channels through a single platform.

  • Accurate data analytics:

Agent accuracy is essential to deliver an impeccable customer service experience. Omnichannel analytics empowers agents to access integrated information from all channels to provide prompt and accurate responses. It provides agents with the context of the conversation and previous conversation history executed through any other channels. Moreover, it warns the agent if it detects any negative customer sentiment.

  • Building priority pathways:

High-priority or high-value clients expect premium customer service. Through omnichannel analytics, it becomes easier to screen the calls of these clients. It establishes a priority pathway for such clients so that they receive an immediate response even when the call center is flooded with calls.

  • Implementing Personalization:

54% of customers expect personalized experiences after their first interaction with the business. Tailoring the experience as per the customer’s personality and sentiments is only possible when you have omnichannel analytics in place for your business. It helps in eliminating comprehension issues through speech analytics. Moreover, it provides meaningful insights into customer trends, behavior, preferences, and attitude.

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  • Supports marketing efforts:

Understanding the pain points and expectations of customers assists a business design successful marketing campaigns. Omnichannel analytics aids the formulation of marketing strategies by driving actionable insights into customer values, demands, and expectations. It empowers the business to make data-driven marketing decisions.

7 positive impacts of implementing omnichannel analytics

Omnichannel analytics empowers the business with actionable insights driven by a unified knowledge base. It enables enterprises to deliver a seamless omnichannel experience that can lead to 10% Y-o-Y growth. Here are some more organizational benefits.

  1. Greater agent productivity:

When agents do not need to switch platforms to respond to customers, they can provide faster responses irrespective of the communication channel choice. It ensures a consistent service level for all the channels. Omnichannel analytics equips the agents with necessary information about the client, such as previous conversation history, so that they can pick up the conversation from there. Therefore, this feature of omnichannel contact center software significantly contributes to agent performance and productivity.

  1. Improved training strategy:

Omnichannel analytics analyzes agent performance through multiple KPIs such as speed of answer, first call resolution rate (FCR), average close rate, etc. It prepares reports based on these evaluations to identify the training needs of agents. Therefore, businesses can upskill agents through improved data-driven training strategies.

  1. Better customer engagement:

Modern customers have become more tech-aware and thus use multiple channels to interact with a business. Call analytics, along with CRM integration, aids businesses to engage customers effectively through their preferred channel. Moreover, it also analyzes feedback to detect and nudge agents to fix escalations. It diagnoses customer challenges and improves overall customer engagement.

  1. Optimize customer journey:

Omnichannel analytics guides businesses to assess customer journeys and orchestrate them at different touchpoints. It equips agents with geographical location, preferences, dislikes, and other essential information about customers. As a result, agents can proactively strike meaningful conversations to deliver unique and customized customer service.

  1. Uplift marketing ROI:

Marketing campaigns are successful only when it taps into the psyche of customers. Omnichannel analytics aids you in doing just that. How? It gathers data generated through communications through all communication channels and analyzes them for customer profiling. It provides insights into customers’ demographic, behavior, psychological trends, purchasing interests, dislikes, etc. Developing a marketing strategy based on thorough data analytics is bound to rear higher ROI.

  1. Greater customer retention:

Customers become loyal to the brand when they get greater accessibility, faster resolution, and hassle-free omnichannel engagement. Cross-channel analytics supports businesses in achieving this. It helps in personalizing the customer service experience leading to a greater customer retention rate.

  1. Improve customer service experience:

Customer service becomes effortless with cross-channel analytics. With easy-to-interpret reports, businesses can drive actionable insights into customer preferences. It also provides customer behavior prediction. Consequently, it elevates the customer service experience.

Drive business value through omnichannel analytics

Omnichannel analytics is a part of modern business growth strategy. It helps in evaluating business performance as well as understanding your target audience better. With this powerful resource, you can gain access to data-driven insights to optimize every area of business. It empowers businesses to deliver seamless omnichannel customer engagement for building brand loyalty. HoduCC is an award-winning omnichannel customer engagement software that comes with advanced contact center capabilities. It is the Best Contact Center Software that enables businesses of all sizes to implement a flawless omnichannel experience. Learn more about the functionalities and benefits of HoduCC and other HoduSoft products here.

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