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logistics industries drive superior customer experiences with omnichannel contact center software

Logistics Industries Drive Superior Customer Experiences with Omnichannel Contact Center Software


Logistics sit in the middle. On the one side are the end buyers relying on logistics for quick and safe delivery of products. On the other side, there is the client or seller making use of logistic services. Any reduction in the quality of service leads to dissatisfaction and possible customer churn. This situation is avoidable with the help of omnichannel contact center software

An omnichannel contact center software provides an opportunity to reach more customers and meet their key expectations. With the current emphasis on social media interactions, it is also known as social media customer service software. After all, it allows logistics to interact with both sides on a common platform.

Driving better customer experiences on social media channels

Imagine a typical situation. The customer has an issue with a delay and contacts the seller. The seller in turn contacts the logistics company. Following this, the company sends a response to the seller who then passes it on to the end customer. Today’s automation does take care of tracking but when issues arise, tracking is not of much help. It cannot help in giving a satisfactory response. Here, the social media interaction via omnichannel contact center software for the logistics industry proves helpful.

  • Customers may tweet or post on Facebook. The tweet or post is viewable by the logistics company and by the seller. Action taken is posted and is visible to others. This way, it reduces effort and saves time.
  • The social media customer service software may be deployed by the logistics company or by the seller. Besides, it can be shared easily to permit easy customer interaction.
  • Since WhatsApp is fast becoming the number one choice for interaction, you could easily engage with customers through WhatsApp. Moreover, you can share interactions from the initiation of the complaint to the resolution.
  • Link the contact center automation software with CRM to access customer and logistics data.
  • Post notifications related to shipping or any delays and keep the seller and buyer informed.
  • Gather feedback from customers that could help improve services.

Make work easy for employees

Employees in logistics work under pressure and must handle heavy loads. Social media customer service software is excellent for pre-work communication meetings. With this tool, there is no need for employees to gather in one room. Even when work commences and they need to handle many matters, the single dashboard of the omnichannel contact center software works. It allows employees to interact with each other to resolve problems. Moreover, it facilitates better communication with end buyers and their seller clients.

Apart from social media interactions you also have the WebRTC video conference facility. The employees can use this facility for conferencing or customer service. The end customer, for instance, uses video to show that a package has arrived in a damaged condition. This permits logistics and sellers to make fast decisions instead of waiting for the return of damaged packages. After all, an empowered team works better and with more motivation.

Handle customer service elements – engage new customers fast

The main customer is the seller. Logistics may have hundreds of existing customers but it always pays to rope in more new customers. They do this through a process involving pre-transaction elements. You make a presentation on the statement of policy and also show your capabilities and organizational structure, and expertise in technical services. You must also show capability in post-transaction elements. These elements can be customer claims, product tracking, and documentation. 

Here again, the contact center management software lets you conduct various tasks. You can conduct video conferences, exchange documents, send out and receive email or text messages, and work out a deal. Ultimately, you project a professional image that will surely impress customers.

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Decision making

Happy customer experiences depend a lot on the right service delivery by employees. It also depends on the right infrastructure and the right decisions. Do you know the quality of your services? Can you identify gaps? Intelligent analytics and reporting are some of the key features of contact center software. These features allow you to keep tabs on interactions as well as outcomes. 

Apart from this, contact center management software gives you reports on key performance indicators. This data helps make better decisions and streamline services. As a result, you stay on top and delight customers with improvements.


Other features

Apart from social channels that are now mainstream for communication and resolutions, you get more. You will get features like IVR, Automatic Call distribution (ACD), skill-based routing, and recording features in the omnichannel contact center software. The IVR contact center software feature serves as the first point of contact. 

IVR or Interactive Voice Response feature keeps you available 24×7, which is what customers expect. On the other hand, the Automatic Call Distribution feature ensures the incoming call goes to the right person for first-call resolution.


Most logistics companies rely on software for tracking but that is only one part of the service. The all-inclusive contact center software can also handle matters like interactions and resolutions.  Switch to the fast lane of delivering happy customer experiences and watch your business grow. HoduCC is one such contact center software that comes with assorted advanced features and functionalities. Moreover, it can be customized easily as per key business needs. 

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