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Leverage Auto Dialer Software to Boost Call Connect Rate

Leverage Auto Dialer Software to Boost Call Connect Rate

Most businesses make calls to prospective customers as a strategic part of their operations. Instead of agents spending time dialing numbers manually, businesses are adopting auto dialer software to save time.

With the rise of tech-savvy mobile users and the internet being readily available for all, the number of spam calls has significantly increased. Because of this, customers have become more cautious about answering calls from unknown numbers. So, for the call centers, getting heard by the customers and maximizing call connect rates is a crucial task.

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The good news is that you can overcome these challenges and drive more conversations over the call by using automated dialer software. However, the call connection rate entirely depends upon how you approach them. To anyone who does not know how they can improve your call connect rates using this software, read below to learn the strategies about it. But before getting into it, let’s take a look at what automatic dialing software is and why you need them. 

Decoding Auto Dialer Software

As the name suggests, an auto dialer software is an intelligent outbound dialer software that automatically dials phone numbers from a predefined contact list. In other words, your call center agents no longer have to spend time manually dialing the numbers as the dialer software makes the call on its own efficiently and quickly. This automation in outbound calling reduces the agents’ idle time, increases the number of calls per agent, maximizes their talk time, and ensures more time for each lead. All that ultimately results in enhanced productivity and improved overall performance of call center agents. Automatic dialing software are good at managing large outbound campaigns that need a large volume of calls. 

Features that Make Auto Dialer an Excellent Software 

The call center automated dialer software entails many advanced features that significantly improve the productivity and efficiency of agents. Some of these features are listed below. Read on!

  1. Live Monitoring 

The auto dialer software used by the customer-facing departments in companies allows managers or agents to monitor live. In addition to this, they can listen to an ongoing conversation between an agent and a customer using the web-based dashboard. This real-time call monitoring enables businesses to assess the performance of agents and make smarter decisions to boost outbound campaigns.

  1. Call Recording

In addition to facilitating the real-time monitoring of calls, the advanced automated dialer software also records every call and stores the files. With the help of this feature, it becomes easier for businesses to measure the performance of each agent and identify their inefficiencies by reviewing the recorded conversations. Apart from this, it enables call centers to resolve customer queries or disputes and meet the requirements of compliance. 

3. Call Scheduling 

Sometimes, the agents fail to connect with a customer on the first attempt, and they need to lead again to carry out the telemarketing activity. In such cases, this feature of automated dialer software schedules the callback on its own and allows agents to reconnect with the customer again. This ultimately increases the call connect rate and boosts the ongoing telemarketing campaign.

  1. CRM Integration 

The most effective auto dialer software should integrate with a broad range of CRMs. If the integration is smooth, it eliminates the burden of frequently switching from one platform to another. This further results in minimizing the agents’ idle time and reducing the scope of human errors.

Maximize Call Connect Rate with Auto Dialer Software 

When used in call centers, auto dialer software provides agents with plenty of benefits to ensure that their service fits right with the needs of their customers. In addition to this, it makes the business operations more streamlined and delivers high-quality customer service by meeting their expectations. To help you understand a bit more about how call center automated dialer software contributes to the growth of your business, we have listed a few of their benefits below. Read further to know what these benefits are!

  1. Improve agents’ efficiency

Did you know that having automatic dialing software can increase an agent’s talk time by 200-300%? On the flip side, agents that do manual dialing usually have an average talk time of 10-15 minutes per hour. Given that manual dialing, the numbers take a lot of time and effort for agents, most of their time is generally spent on scheduling callbacks, follow-ups, listening to busy tones, or leaving voicemails. Therefore, adopting an auto dialer software is always a great option as this enables agents to utilize their time talking to customers, which significantly reduces their idle time and results in an optimal increase in conversion rates.  

  1. Detect unproductive numbers

Does your customer-facing team have a challenge with contacting numbers that don’t respond? Well, a reliable auto dialer software tends to identify unproductive numbers. This software uses advanced, intelligent technologies to filter out voicemails, no answers, busy numbers, DND-activated numbers, and unanswered calls. Hence, only live or answered calls are transferred to the call center agents. 

  1. Pinpoints the perfect time to call

Another benefit of using a call center auto dialer is that this software intelligently identifies the perfect time to call. Generally, it is never a good idea to call early in the morning or late in the evening as the customers are at their busiest. But if you use this software, you do not need to worry about the time. Using the data from previous calls and the algorithms, the call center auto dialer accurately predicts the perfect time to call. This significantly increases the call connect rate. 

  1. Uses a varied approach to communicate 

Calling customers directly without prior intimation may reduce the chances of your call being answered. But if you use auto dialer software to connect with your customers, it is not a big deal. Auto dialer software enables call center agents to first reach customers on other channels such as instant messaging or email. This allows agents to initiate the conversation with the prospect and arrive at a mutual decision to connect on phone at a certain time.

Wrapping Up

Now you know how auto-dialing software can benefit your call center, ensuring a high call connect rate. Make sure that you have a clear understanding of your target customers and their needs. Having a good idea about your target prospects will make it easy for you to call the customers actually looking for your products or services. Hence, it increases the call connect and lead conversion rate. 

So what are you waiting for? Move ahead and take advantage of our HoduCC, a contact and call center software. HoduSoft’s auto dialer constitutes various features like Call Recording, Call Reporting, IVR, Dashboard Management, etc. Integrating this software into your business empowers you to enhance your operational efficiency. It also boosts your agents’ productivity to achieve your business goals. 

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