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Web Conferencing Solution And Related Facts!

The businesses are distributed around the globe. Now, meetings and discussions have started passing the geographical barriers. The key business executive might have 3 different calls with different clients and teams of different countries in a single day. Huh! This is how the businesses are working nowadays. Too fast! To match the pace with this rapidly growing business discussion and to stay with the trends, it is necessity to get the modern technological tools. Web conferencing software is one of as such tools, which each organization must get.

The web conferencing solution combines the different tools together to provide virtual meeting experience from any location. The web conferencing solution can be used through any web browser and that is why it can be used from remote locations using any device, which can allow you to access this solution, and conduct a conference or take part in the conference on the go.


Types of web conferencing solution

The web conferencing solution comes with the different channels of communication. Based on the communication channels amalgamated into the web conferencing solution, it can be categorized in different categories

#1. Simple Web Conferencing Solution

This type of conferencing solution supports only instant messaging and file sharing. This type of web conferencing solution is the best for the internal team meetings with the team members who are traveling abroad.

#2. Audio + Web Conferencing Solution

This type of web conferencing solution has the audio conferencing capability. Generally, the main speaker has the control of audio, and switching the audio capability in between different members participating in the conference. This type of web conferencing solutions is most widely used by the people because it satisfies the need of small to mid sized company’s conferencing.

#3. Video + Web Conferencing Solution

This is the most advanced web conferencing solution. It has the video conferencing feature, which gives the feel of one to one conferences. This type of web conferencing solution comes with the system to set up room based conferencing. This is very useful when an organization wants to conduct a high tech meeting like board meeting.


Features of the web conferencing app

Along with the different communication channels, the web conferencing solution comes with the other important features such as:

  • Screen sharing
  • Image sharing
  • Document sharing
  • Polling
  • Shared whiteboards
  • Screen annotation
  • Speaker management
  • And more

Different companies have different communication requirements. Thus, the companies can choose the web conferencing solution based on their current requirements and nearer future needs. This web conferencing solution can be used for a variety of purposes such as:

  • Conducting a seminar
  • Giving a whiteboard presentation
  • Conducting a product demo
  • Discussing issues with the team
  • Provide educational sessions
  • Conducting a webinar
  • And many more as such utilities

How to use the web conferencing software?

The web conferencing solution can be used in two ways.

  • Hosted web conferencing Service

Here, the web conferencing solution is hosted over the server of the conferencing service provider and the bandwidth will also be used of the service provider. If you have an occasional web conferencing requirement, then you may use this service as and when you need to conduct the conference.

  • In-house web conferencing system

Here the company buy the web conferencing software and get the admin panel. The web conferencing solution will be owned by the company itself. Also, the infrastructure and bandwidth will be used of the company itself. If you have a frequent conferencing need, then this is the best solution for you.

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