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The onset of globalization has made distant collaborations, and virtual events inevitable, a crystal clear audio is a must. Here we have HoduConf, an Audio Conferencing Software that suits perfectly all your conferencing needs and it is the perfect conferencing software. In the form of HoduConf, HoduSoft offers a cost-effective Business Conferencing product that is feature-rich and ready to use. It is an affordable conference call software to suit your business’s audio conferencing requirements. HoduConf also provides you with the facility to record the conference when needed. HoduConf is a robust Audio Conferencing Software built for your business collaboration. All-in-one solution to manage everything, right from small interactive meetings to large engaging webinars.

Salient Features of Audio Conferencing Software

Multi-tenant Support
Maximize the capabilities of your resources with HoduConf’s multi-tenant support

Multilingual Support
Language is no more a barrier to communicate with your audience if you use HoduConf

Save time by scheduling voice calls and SMS for your customers

Pre-recorded Messages
Improve employees productivity by presenting pre-recorded messages when required

Real-time Analytics
Improve performance by analyzing daily reports in real-time

Call Tracking
Track and record the call to train your employees to deliver a better customer experience

Audio conferencing is one of the most preferred professional communication methods for modern businesses. It has become the best replacement for actual real one to one meetings.

With Audio Conferencing Software, you get the best communication experience in better voice quality with additional features that help you collaborate better. Audio conferencing software should have features that help your employees, partners, service providers and clients connect from any of their end devices i.e. mobile, desktop, tablet, laptop. While choosing a Audio conferencing software, businesses should make sure that its features suit their communication requirements.

Stronger Relationships
Connect people quickly and simply, regardless of their location.

Increase Innovation & Productivity
Connect with others to share, discuss and collaborate on documents and presentations, and ultimately make more informed, timely decisions.

Improve Customer Response
Easily establish a conference call or web collaboration session with others to quickly resolve customer issues or simply help a customer navigate and locate items on your ecommerce site.

Reduce Operational Costs
With no limits on the number of conferencing hosts, no special event connection costs and no expensive add-ons to worry about, you can help more people connect with each other.

Audio Conferencing Software not only creates a more collaborative meeting culture in your organization, it’s a foundation for enabling today’s digital workforce. Web Meetings help teams maintain human connections, irrespective of physical location, which speeds up decision making and improves your ability to collaborate globally. Audio Conferencing Software provides a fast and secure way to communicate with your teams.

HoduConf is a highly secure and intuitive Audio Conferencing Software that makes team communication easy and enjoyable. HoduSoft have developed a simple, easy to use Audio Conferencing Software that works every time. With a great interface it’s quick to setup and access meetings for people inside and outside the company.

  • Dynamic Conference
  • Authentication with Additional Security Code
  • Participant Name Recording & Playback
  • DTMF based Feature
  • Raise Hand
  • Name-Mapping
  • Conference Recording
  • Conference Scheduler
  • Phone Book
  • Live Conference View
  • Rollcall Feature
  • Mail Notifications
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