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HoduSoft Launched Enhanced Version of IP PBX Software HoduPBX

We strive to serve our customers in the best possible way. We always look forward to adding additional features and functionality to our VoIP products so we can offer more reliable, secure, and advanced solutions to our clients and prospects. We are excited to announce our new features in one of our VoIP products, called, HoduPBX, which is a multi-tenant IP PBX Software.

IP PBX (Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange) is the lifeblood of businesses today. And our new feature is aimed at improving the functionality of IP PBX for our customers. As one of the best multi-tenant IP PBX is suitable for large enterprises with widespread operations or ITSPs and ISPs. The add-on features, make the HoduPBX solution more robust with advanced communication features, for an organization of any size.

Let’s have a quick look at the new features and their functionality.

Vendor Management

The HoduPBX solution has added a vendor management module. This will allow you to record, view, and edit the details of all vendors, from whom you are taking any type of services such as VoIP minutes, and DID numbers, among others, for IP PBX services. This module is added with an agenda to give you a one-stop platform from which you can manage everything. Now, your vendors, too! Manage vendor services from one platform

  • Modify or add vendor details 
  • Keep a record of vendor data

Reseller Module

The reseller module is aimed at enhancing the revenue capabilities of multi-tenant IP PBX software providers. This is another module added in the enhanced version of HoduPBX. This module allows the addition of resellers, who can further offer the PBX services to their clients. 

On a single dashboard, the admin of the multi-tenant IP PBX can manage his resellers, just like vendors. The addition of resellers can open doors to new business and new products.

Time-based Inbound Call Routing

By far one of the most promising features in the updated HoduPBX solution. Users can route the calls based on the time and day. For example, you can route the calls to a specific number on weekends or holidays and continue operations without any interruptions.

Payment Gateway Integration – PayPal

PayPal is one of the most widely used mediums of payment. To provide the flexibility of bill payment, HoduPBX now comes integrated with the PayPal gateway for all tenants. . So, now payment can be made easily using the system itself. The seamless payment and collection of bills ensure timely accounts settlement.

Least Cost Routing (LCR)

Call routing is one of the major features of any VoIP Product. The Least Cost Routing is the way of selecting the route which would cost a minimum for a call and route the call over that. The HoduPBX, Hosted IP PBX Software is available with this feature so you can offer the Least Cost Routing services to your tenants and resellers. This optimizes the calling path and ensures efficient utilization of resources.

Presence and BLF

One of the highlights of the IP PBX software, which will give you the status of the registered extensions is now available in the HoduPBX solution. This feature is known as “Presence and BLF”. Communication and collaboration can be easier, as you will get to know the status of the phone lines connected. It shows the status, such as whether the line is available to talk, or busy on another phone, among others.

Click to Call

Another feature added in the enhanced HoduPBX IP PBX software is click-to-call. As the name suggests, you can simply click on the contact you would like to dial and the call will be initiated. This makes calling easy and quick. 

A feature especially useful for customer operations and branch operations networks is to quickly dial-in numbers without going through the phonebook.

Auto Recording

The latest upgraded HoduPBX, IP PBX solution also offers an auto call recording feature. The recording starts immediately when you enable the feature. This helps in control and quality measures and training activities. For sensitive operations, the recording helps to store important conversations. 

If you are looking for quality software and great support services even after sales, reach out to HoduSoft. To check out these features, contact us for a no-obligation free demo.

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