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Audio Conferencing Software

Role of Audio Conferencing Software in the global Corona Pandemic


The present epidemic situation of Coronavirus is very difficult for all of us. It is a time of great patience and cooperation between humans of all nations and religions. During this time, humans should coordinate with the government of their respective states. It will help the country to get out of the problem.

Technology is also playing a major role in assisting humans in getting out of this problem.  It assists companies in continuing their business operations.  Using advanced technology, businesses can work from their home or any remote location.  Audio conferencing software and web conferencing are a few of the biggest gifts of technology. These technologies help users in getting connected from any place in the world. 

Today’s businesses are using audio conferencing software to reduce Coronavirus pandemic effects on their business operations. To use this software, you only need a microphone, speaker, and high-speed internet on your mobile or personal computer. With these tools, it enables you to connect with your clients, colleagues, and customers. This way, it eliminates the necessity of physical meetings by creating a virtual conference room online.


What is audio conferencing software?

Audio conferencing is software that helps to connect on an audio call with various people at the same time. The conferencing software works with the help of bridge technology. The technology helps to connect calls by all users at a central place. To start with the system, users only need to install the software on their phone or laptop. Besides, they need a microphone and speaker to get connected in Audio conferencing. It also offers the facility to share screens to make your meeting more effective.


Role of audio conferencing software in the global Corona pandemic

In the present situation of the global Corona pandemic. The world is fighting hard against COVID-19. Companies are struggling to protect their business from the effects of the Coronavirus epidemic. Most of them have requested their employees to Work from Home. Many are using web conferencing and audio conferencing systems for smooth running of their business.

Audio conferencing software allows companies to do meetings, discussions, and deal with clients. This audio conferencing system is secure and easy to use. Some of them need audio pins to prevent any wrong person from getting connected to the conference call.

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Features of audio conferencing software


#1. Multi-tenant support

It offers multi-tenant support to maximize the capabilities of your business.

#2. Real-time analysis

Audio conferencing system offers features to analyze daily reports to improve the performance of the company.

#3. Call tracking system

It offers a call tracking system to record and track the call to check the performance of your employees and increase productivity.

#4. Multilingual support

It removes language barriers and offers audio conferencing facilities in various languages.

#5. Scheduling

It helps in saving time from manually scheduling calls and SMS for your customers. It helps in scheduling calls automatically.


Benefits of Audio conferencing software


#1. Connects people virtually

It helps people to connect virtually to do corporate meetings, consult doctors, get in touch with legal advisors, and for other purposes

#2. Easy to set up

Audio conferencing system is easy to set up. You only need to have audio conferencing software, a speaker, a microphone, and high-speed internet.

#3. Cheap and easily accessible

You can install an Audio conferencing system on your mobile itself and use it at any place of your choice. It is highly cheap in comparison to video conferencing software.

If you want to run your business efficiently during the Coronavirus pandemic, then audio conferencing is the best choice.  If you want to install conferencing technology, then feel free to contact us at Ecosmob Technologies Private Limited.  We can provide audio conferencing software as per your requirements and assist in setting it up in your workplace.

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