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Audio Conferencing Software

Covid-19 Isolation Barriers Breaches by Audio Conferencing Software


Covid-19 is a pandemic of epic proportions that threatens to bring the world to a halt even as life slows down. Streets remain deserted as people stay indoors. However, communication is essential as is a collaboration between people and teams at various levels. While phones may help to communicate, getting work done or collaborating poses a challenge. Audio Conferencing Software can help keep the machinery of life ticking along nicely.


Communication without barriers

Admittedly video may be a better tool since one can view the person with whom you are talking but video requires better bandwidth. Audio conferencing software can work even in areas with low internet speeds and make use of 3G. This means accessibility by users of feature phones. Covid-19 presents no barriers to communication between groups of people. A doctor may want to broadcast a special message to a community or to other doctors. This becomes easy by scheduling voice calls. Further, the multi-lingual feature proves invaluable, especially in a country like India where each State has a different language.

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Administration and public service officials can record and broadcast messages to select groups as well as interact in addition to answering queries from members of the public. The same audio conferencing mechanism can be used by NGOs and groups to send out messages to invite donations to help those who are hard hit by the coronavirus – the old and the daily wage earner.


Work from home

Not all types of work can be done from home such as those involving manual labor or handling machines and equipment or running buses. However, where computer and internet-related administrative, sales, or support jobs are concerned, audio conferencing can help people to work from home and keep the business going. Employers should seriously consider letting employees work from home rather than asking them to go on leave.


Doctors, nurses, ambulances, government administration

If it is a pandemic then healthcare comes under tremendous pressure. Doctors and nurses must be on their toes all the time, treat patients, get an opinion from other doctors or offer assistance to doctors or to ambulance staff on how to handle suspect patients and where to take them for quarantine. Besides, the government is also involved and must be kept informed.

Conferencing lets everyone work in a coordinated fashion, stay connected, and be available to each other and also to members of the public. Unlike telephones where a caller may have to hang up and dial another number to reach a person, the conferencing software permits call tracking and transfer. This can be particularly helpful to know the status of those patients who are under quarantine. However, this is not the only area where conferencing proves its worth.



Educational institutions are closed as a precautionary measure. There is no knowing for how long students will have to keep away and such enforced closure affects their studies.

Educational institutions can immediately implement audio conferencing software. It is ideal in that a teacher can conduct a virtual classroom. The roll call feature lets teachers know who is present. Then, students have the raised hand option using which they can ask questions. Better still, each participant can record the conference for reference. It proves an invaluable tool for education.


Features and benefits of audio conferencing software

  • Audio conferencing is better compared to video conferencing in that it will work even with a slow internet connection and power consumption is also low on mobile devices used by participants.
  • You can tie it to a CRM and access names from the phone book to schedule a conference.
  • Roll call lets you know who is in attendance
  • Multi-tenant feature
  • ideal for government departments
  • it has centralized management but keeps modules for each department distinct.
  • Support for multiple languages
  • Send SMS at a pre-arranged time
  • Broadcast pre-recorded voice messages


  • Life does not have to come to a standstill due to the curfew-like situation prevailing in cities. People can work from home. Healthcare services can function better due to various interactive and communication features.
  • Simple to set up, easy to use
  • Low cost, full feature set, fast setup

Businesses, the education industry, and the government, as well as the financial sector, will find audio conferencing the perfect solution to get things done even as cities are under lockdown conditions. Hodusoft offers an immediate setup of its conferencing software backed by 24×7 support.

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