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The Benefits of Virtualized or Hosted Video Conferencing Solutions

Video chats and conferencing are fast replacing audio as the preferred means of communication and collaboration. Video conferencing has become easier with the availability of OTT services and WebRTC. Enterprises and even contact centers routinely implement video into their communication but a dedicated system comes with built-in obsolescence as well as recurring expenditure. The right system is a hosted one in today’s fast-changing and demanding environment. Hosted solutions or virtualized video conferencing brings a number of benefits in its wake.

Cost benefit

The biggest benefit of virtualized video conferencing software is a cost benefit. No capex is involved and users pay on a monthly basis according to usage. By using video conferencing solutions to increase business, the enterprise could actually be paying for the hosted video solution out of its profits.

Automatic upgrades

New codecs arrive on the scene and old codecs become obsolete. The simple act of switching over to a virtualized environment avoids this pitfall. The video service provider takes care that the solution handles all audio and video media codecs ensuring crystal clear audio and jitter-free video regardless of bandwidth.


Switching over to virtualized video conferencing software such as the one from Hodusoft offers freedom in more ways than one:

  • One does not need to have on-premise hardware and maintenance personnel. There is saving in space, energy bills and salaries paid to personnel.

  • Freedom of deployment and use is another advantage. Just about anyone within the organization, connected with it or a customer or prospective buyer can make use of browser-based hosted a video conference for a one-to-one chat or huddle conferencing.

  • Employees may collaborate using nothing more than their smartphone from any location.

  • Enterprises can hold virtual conferences with hundreds of participants or use it routinely within the company to enable employees to collaborate and serve customers as well.

  • Freedom from vendor lock-in and freedom from paying for maintenance and for updates.

  • Freedom of use in any location at any time from any device – mobile, laptop and desktop.

  • No complicated configuration – just about anyone can use it, even a new employee.

Today’s Hodusoft video conferencing solution is far more sophisticated with rich features that include video within a video, presentation, document sharing and one to many or many to many interactions with sophisticated, flexible controls.

The video is not an add on or an optional extra in the communications package. It is mission critical, whether it is to address customer queries or intra-employee collaboration. Going the virtualized way assures “always available” performance, least maintenance headaches and ease of use that facilitates more and better use of this platform. Hodusoft’s video conferencing is ready to go within minutes a virtualized solution.

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