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Conferencing Solution To Empower Your Business

The globalization in the business and cut throat competition has increased the need of real time communication. The dispersed business branches to serve the various business needs have given rise to the need of the virtual collaboration to ensure the hand in hand work progress and same work environment management in all global branches. To satisfy these dynamic business needs of the company, HoduSoft has come up with a next generation audio video conferencing solution called, HoduConf.

The HoduConf is a business centric conferencing software solution, which offers an advanced platform to entitle your business with the advanced communication and collaboration features. It is developed in the webRTC and FreeSWITCH, which makes it ahead of its counterparts and a robust conferencing solution for any small to big sized companies.

Bring Your Remote Branches Together

The HoduConf is a multi-tenant conferencing solution, which will provide a unique platform for your business for collaborating all your remote branches together. Now, even if your staff members are sitting miles away than each other, still they can work on the same project. Your HR executives will be able to maintain the same human resource rules and standards. We made sure that your company can use all the resources at their best without worrying about the office locations. They can conduct conferencing to work seamlessly on different projects.

Empower Your Staff  With Real-time Communication Tool

Communication is an unavoidable need of any business. The communication can be with the team members to discuss over a project; or it can be with the prospect and his team to discuss the possible business opportunity; or between the support team of your company and client to discuss the support he needs in his current system. All these types of communications, need to get addressed in real-time and shouldn’t get bounded around the office hours. Here, our HoduConf can work as the best tool to satisfy these real time communication requirements. It is a web conferencing solution. Thus, it can be accessible from anywhere using any device. Your staff can conduct conferences without thinking about their Geo locations and time, even when they are away from their desks. So empower your staff with this next gen communication solution.

Conduct Custom Conferences Based On Communication Requirements

It is common that a single business has different types of communication requirements. For instance, the conference conducted for a board meeting is different than the conference organized for the new product launch. Both of them need a different type of conference mode and need to support a completely different number of the participants. The HoduConf is developed by keeping this business communication needs in mind. Our conferencing software solution offers different modes of conferencing. For example, presentation mode can be used to provide the product demo to all the participants. Whilst, audio conferencing solution feature of the HoduConf can be used to conduct an adhoc or regular conferences. One conferencing solution to satisfy all your business communication needs. Moreover, it is tested to conduct conferences with any number of participants, even thousand. So now you can also celebrate your annual day with all your staff members, from all remote branches, by connecting them in a conference.

There are many more benefits our HoduConf can offer to empower your business. Wondering what? Give us a call and let us explain with a live product Free Demo.

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