Call Center Software for Startups and Small Teams

Startups and enterprises with small teams may wonder why they should even consider call center softwarewhen they have mobile phones, skype, email and WhatsApp for communication. If you take a closer look you will find that contact center softwarecan be transformational in boosting the growth of such enterprises.

Drive customers into a single funnel

The top priority for any startup or a small business enterprise is to not let slip a single lead. The trouble is that prospective customers may initiate a conversation on any channel. They expect a prompt response. It would be difficult for executives to keep track of all these channels. Contact center software incorporates a unified communication channel and lets executives manage such leads consistently and speedily. Talking to the right person is also important and the automatic call distribution and skill-based mapping feature of contact center software come in useful. The result is fast service leading to more customers down the sale funnel.

Face to face interaction

Face to face interaction is best but physically this may not be possible. Instead, the contact center software with WebRTC phone allows video and audio chats as well as conferencing. This can be put to good use for face to face discussions over the web through a web browser on desktops or mobile phones. It is easy to judge reactions and facial expressions and modify your talk as well as make presentations and demo during the video chat. This feature also permits conferencing. Apart from use for customer interaction, the team members also benefit by using this facility for collaboration, wherever they may be located.

Real-time supervision

Executives may not be interacting in quite the right way. The barge in and supervisory features of the contact center software proves invaluable since a senior manager may listen in or watch and take corrective action during the chat or interaction to deliver a satisfactory response, not after the event. Interactions are recorded by the call center software for analysis and improvements. You can fine-hone customer experience.

No startup cost and yet a professional communication setup

The best thing startups and small enterprises can do are to opt for a hosted packaged contact center solution such as the one from Hodusoft. It works right out of the box without any upfront investment or the need to invest in specialized and expensive hardware. You can use it in office or out of it on desktops and mobiles and you pay after use. You can scale it up when you wish to conduct intensive campaigns and scale it down. What you pay eventually comes out of the revenue generated from the use of the call center software. Effectively, this means you are getting a professional enterprise-grade package for next to nothing.

Derive Intelligence

And the best thing is that it gives more than WhatsApp or skype can do by way of aggregating data, storing it in a CRM and helping you to analyze it and derive intelligence. You can put this to good use to get even more customers to expand your business.

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