How HoduPBX Software Helps Business Engaged in IP PBX Software

That businesses benefit by switching over to IP-PBX software is proven beyond doubt. Even those engaged in providing VoIP services and ITSPs can grow their business by using IP PBX software with the right set of features.

Adding IP PBX software for value addition

ITSPs and VoIP service providers are primarily in the business of providing communication facilities to their enterprise clients and also to smaller businesses as well as individual entrepreneurs. Hodusoft IP PBX software can be included in their bouquet of services to bring in value addition with attendant benefit for their customers. Customers do not need to subscribe to PBX software. They get the benefit of a pay-as-you-go model with full-fledged PBX features. Such service providers can add to revenues and grow. Their customers remain loyal and they can also rope in more customers. Multi-tenancy feature in the IP PBX permits service providers to handle dozens of accounts, manage and control operations and bill them individually according to prescribed rates. An integrated payment gateway permits payment directly through the software. Ideally, the software should have multi-lingual capabilities to let ITSPs and VoIP service providers serve customers in any geographic locations and this feature is available in HoduPBX.

Cost reductions

Least cost routing may be a part of softswitch solutions but it is included specifically in the IP PBX software for service providers who offer PBX subscriptions. This has benefits for the service provider in that he can charge competitive rates. Their customers also enjoy cost reductions, especially in transborder calls. Service providers can offer IPPBX as prepaid and postpaid with automatic invoicing.

The more features, the better

Customer types may vary. The more features you have in a solution, the better it is. Service providers looking to address needs of customers will find that a package that integrates virtually maximum features will attract more customers.

  • Auto-provisioning feature – integrates seamlessly with any IP phone

  • Mobility – remote workers and executives on the move can use the IP PBX for audio calls and also for video chats and fax as well as email.

  • WebRTC – This could be termed the star attraction since it permits easy audio-video chats and conference besides document sharing and on-screen presentation, virtually obviating the need for dedicated conference software.

Reseller module

ITSPs and VoIP service providers can appoint resellers and manage accounts through the reseller module and grow their business. Others work to promote their IP PBX offerings and, in the process, they could also cross sell and upsell.

A neatly packaged hosted solution, absolutely free of glitches, easy to use and manage and backed by impeccable service from Hodusoft helps ITSPs and VoIP service providers grow fast and establish a unique brand image in their markets.

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