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What Predictive Dialer Software Can Do for Outbound Call Centers

Well, is there any way to ensure that the call centers can track their customer’s previous conversations and improve their satisfaction ratio? Predictive Dialers is the name.

What is a Predictive Dialer?

A predictive dialer is a tool specifically designed for call center agents. This tool automatically dials the numbers after detecting when to place the next call.

How does Predictive Dialer Works?

A predictive dialer checks the availability of the number of call agents. It also detects what is the average talk time of a particular caller. Based on those previous call data, it adjusts the calls and dials the numbers from the database. The predictive dialing software is mainly focused on ensuring customers are less on hold and more on solving their queries. With this kind of algorithm, the call agents stay busy attending calls as per the calls dialed by the predictive dialer.

Capabilities of a Predictive Dialer for Outbound Call Centers

Now, let’s check out what all things predictive dialer software can do for all those outbound call centers available in the industry:

Call Agents become More Productive & Efficient

Predictive dialing software keeps on dialing numbers that allow the call center agent to constantly talk with the customers. It ensures that only productive calls, i.e. human answered calls are only routed to the agent. All other calls will be dropped immediately. This makes the agent more productive and efficient in solving customer queries rather than sitting idly and getting bored.

Contact Rate goes Higher

Call center agents keep on talking over the outbound calls with the calling pattern adjusted by the predictive dialer. This happens because when the predictive dialer detects any busy tones, voicemail, and answering machines, it immediately truncates the call. Thus, the contact rate goes much higher as only the calls with human answers are given priority.

Call Frequency can be Modified

Sometimes it happens that no call center agents are available to take the calls and after waiting for so long over the call, the caller hangs up. This is known as abandoned calls. Here, the predictive dialer gives flexibility to the admin of the system to modify the frequency on which the calls should take place in order to minimize the number of abandoned calls.

Callbacks can be easily Scheduled & Managed

The predictive dialer automates the callback function for the call center agent. It helps in scheduling and managing the callbacks based on the call patterns and the availability of the agents.

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Music/Message on-Hold

This dialing software supports music as well as a message playing feature in order to greet and entertain the callers during their wait period. The waiting period is usually during the call routing and the call centers can always promote their products/services with the message on-hold features.

Real-time Call Monitoring

The predictive dialing tool helps in monitoring the real-time status of the outbound calls, their queue, and the agent’s availability. Also, it can monitor various call campaigns. Based on the real-time monitoring, the call center agents get the appropriate data about the caller that will help them to make better conversations.

Standardized Reports are Generated

The reports are generated by the predictive dialer that depicts how the contact rate is improved and how it can optimize in the best possible manner. The standardized reports by this tool generate detailed data on the calls and the agents as well. This data can also be used to measure how many calls took place to generate more sales or solve customer queries.

Well, these are just a few capabilities of a predictive dialer that has major benefits for the outbound call centers. To look for more capabilities, try out Hodusoft’s predictive dialer with excellent features.

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