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HoduBlast – Voice & SMS Broadcasting software, includes seamless SMS integration for improved communication with potential customers. Whether you need to send emergency alerts or generate reminder notification, connecting with the customers is easier than ever with HoduBlast’s SMS channel.

HoduBlast comes with an SMS channel integrated with the following SMS providers:

  • Twilio
  • Telnyx

Custom SMS Provider integration is also available upon your request

Just let us know your preferred SMS service providers, and we will efficiently accomplish SMS integration with Voice & SMS Broadcasting Software. Opt for HoduBlast to embrace redundant channels of communication for captivating as many interactions as possible with potential customers. Check out our exclusive features for the SMS integration with HoduBlast.


  • ITSP’s or ISPs or hosted service providers can offer SMS services to their customers.
  • Enterprise can use SMS services for their business.
  • If allowed by the Service Provider, customers can also use their SMS provider.
  • SMS providers can be integrated via API.
  • SMS dialer is available for bulk SMS services and blasting the SMS to all the customers.
  • SMS template is available with static and dynamic parameters which will be changed to actual customer details while sending out SMS from the system.
  • Billing of SMS will be directly handed by the SMS provider.
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