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SMS Broadcast

Send bulk SMS messages to a large number of recipients with HoduBlast’s SMS Broadcast.

Whether you need to send important notifications or emergency alerts, you can maintain brand consistency and credibility in your SMS communications.

The user-friendly interface of HoduBlast’s SMS Broadcast makes it easy for businesses to create and manage SMS campaigns without the need for extensive technical knowledge.

SMS broadcast



Being multitenant, HoduBlast enables you to manage all your tenants on a single platform while maintaining data separation, security, and customization for each tenant.


It provides users with an overview of their daily SMS campaigns, SMS sent per hour, as well as tenant SMS summary.

Users and Roles:

This helps in adding and managing tenants. You can select your time zone, language, and date format.

Limit Concurrent SMS:

You can limit the number of SMSs a user (tenant) can send simultaneously at any given time.

SMS Customization:

Customize SMS messages according to the specific needs and preferences of the recipients.

SMS Templates:

Help your tenants create and manage pre-designed message templates for easy message creation and SMS campaigns.

SMS Channel:

Facilitates the sending and receiving of SMS messages. It leverages partnerships with mobile network operators to ensure reliable and timely message delivery. 

Lead Group:

Categorize or segment a group of recipients or leads that share similar characteristics or attributes.

Manage SMS Campaign:

Easily manage an SMS campaign by creating the campaign, defining its parameters, selecting the target audience, crafting an SMS template, and choosing the appropriate SMS channel for sending the messages.

SMS Dialer:

Send bulk SMS messages to multiple recipients simultaneously. Create and schedule SMS blasts, which involve composing a single message and sending it to a large number of customers or contacts.

SMS dialer reports:

Provides detailed reports of SMS campaigns as well as the effectiveness of the SMS messages sent to recipients. The reports range from Job SMS detail, Job SMS summary, delivery status, among others.

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